Friday, May 17, 2024

Hackers use Zoom & Google Meet Lures to Attack Android & Windows users

A threat actor has been identified as creating fraudulent Skype, Google Meet, and Zoom websites to distribute malware, explicitly targeting Android and Windows users....

Hackers Arrested For Stealing Banking Credentials Using Android Malware

An individual residing in Vinnytsia, aged 31, has been apprehended for purportedly pilfering confidential data of Android users and exploiting their Google accounts belonging...

New Android MoqHao Malware Executes Automatically on Installation

The Roaming Mantis threat group distributes a well-known Android malware family called "MoqHao." This malware family has been previously reported to be targeting Asian...

New Android Malware on Google Play Disguised as Messaging or News Apps

Twelve malicious Android espionage applications have been discovered by researchers, with all of them executing a remote access trojan (RAT) code known as VajraSpy....

Pakistan Hackers Targeting Indian Android Users with Fake Loan Apps

Hackers in India are using fake loan applications to target Android users to take advantage of the rising demand for digital financial services by...

MavenGate Supply Chain Attack Let Attackers Hijack Java & Android Apps

Hackers use supply chain attacks to breach a target by gaining access to and taking advantage of weaknesses in the vendor, partner, or supplier...

Top 12 Best Penetration Testing Companies & Services – 2024

Penetration Testing Companies are pillars when it comes to information security; nothing is more important than ensuring your systems and data are safe from...

Bigpanzi Bot Hacks 170,000+ Android TVs to Launch DDoS Attacks

Android TVs are widely used, and due to their wide adoption, threat actors frequently target them for unauthorized access or data theft.In Android smart...

Intellexa Spyware Adds Persistence with iOS or Android Device

In the shadowy realm of commercial spyware, the spotlight turns to the notorious Intellexa spyware and its Predator/Alien solution, as dissected by Cisco Talos...

Hackers Abusing WhatsApp Messages to Install Android Malware

Embarking on a journey into the realm of cyber threats, Microsoft recently uncovered a series of mobile banking trojan campaigns meticulously designed to exploit...

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