Researchers discovered 2 Malicious Android apps from Google Play Store that drops the banking malware with highly obfustication techniques.

2 Android Apps From Google Play Store Launching Banking Malware With Sophisticated Evasion Techniques

Researchers discovered 2 Malicious Android apps from Google Play Store that drops Anubis banking malware with highly obfustication techniques. The malicious apps posed as a legitimate tool with the name of Currency Converter and...
Android malware

Dangerous Android Malware that Steals Banking Credentials, Call Forwarding, Keylogging, and Ransomware Activities

A new Android malware that contains the functionalities of Banking Trojan, call forwarding, audio recording, keylogging and Ransomware Activities. The malware targeted the popular banking apps such as HFC, ICICI, SBI, Axis Bank and other E-Wallets. The malware operator needs...
50 malicious apps

More Than 50 Malicious Apps With Over 350,000 Installs Found On Google Play

More than 50 malicious apps that designed for kids as coloring apps or games found on Google play has no functionality other than displaying ads. Mobile security researcher LUKAS STEFANKO identified the malicious app and reported to Google Security team,...
Triout Malware

Beware of Dangerous Android Triout Malware That Records Phone Calls, Videos and Steals Pictures

A new Android malware strain dubbed Triout found bundled with a repackaged app contains surveillance capabilities and ability to hide the presence in the device. Security researchers from Bitdefender identified the new Triout malware that contains extensive surveillance capabilities. The...

Monitor Android/iOS Mobile Phones Remotely using Best Cell Phone Spy Softwares

Surveillance industries are getting bigger and monitoring is one of the essentials things to keep running a business in a smooth manner using Cell Phone Spy Softwares to eliminate the productivity loss by control the employee's activities and monitoring the...


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