Friday, June 14, 2024
Shot on OnePlus

OnePlus Phone Critical Security Vulnerability in Default Wallpapers app Leaks Users Email Address

A critical security flaw with OnePlus device wallpaper app Shot on OnePlus leaks hundreds of user's email address. The flaw resides in the API...

PoC Exploit Released for VMware Aria Authentication Bypass Vulnerability

VMware Aria Operations for Network was discovered with an Authentication Bypass vulnerability previously, which had a critical severity. VMware has released patches for fixing...

Cisco IP Phone Vulnerability Let Unauthenticated Attacker Execute Remote Code

Cisco has uncovered a high-severity vulnerability affecting its IP Phone 7800 and 8800 Series, tracked as CVE-2022-20968 (except Cisco Wireless IP Phone 8821). An unauthenticated,...

More than 19,000 Orange ADSL Modems Leaking Their WiFi Password

Multiple security vulnerabilities affecting latest firmware of ORANGE Livebox ADSL modems. The flaw allows an unauthenticated remote user to obtain modem's SSID and to...

1,000,000 WordPress Websites Affected with OptinMonster Vulnerabilities

Multiple vulnerabilities were discovered recently by the Wordfence Threat Intelligence team in OptinMonster, it's a popular WordPress plugin that is already installed on more...

Hackers Launching Fallout Exploit Kit with New Flash Exploits That Delivers GandCrab Ransomware

One of the dangerous Fallout exploit kit now back to form with various new futures and delivering one of the widely distributed Ransomware GandCrab....

Hackers Exploiting Vulnerabilities 50% Faster, Within 4.76 Days

Cybersecurity researchers are sounding the alarm that hackers are exploiting software vulnerabilities faster than ever before.A new report from Fortinet found that in...

Unpatched Wormable Windows SMBv3 RCE Zero-day Flaw Leaked in Microsoft Security Updates

Microsoft leaked details of an unpatched bug that exists in the Server Message Block 3.0 (SMBv3) network communication protocol reported as part of the...

Chinese Hackers Exploit FortiOS Zero-Day Vulnerability to Deploy New Malware

Mandiant recently reported that a group of hackers originating from China utilized a vulnerability within FortiOS SSL-VPN that had only recently been discovered, and...

Honeywell Server Compromised by MOVEit Hackers

A flaw was discovered in Progress MOVEit Transfer, a popular third-party online transfer application. By exploiting the flaw, attackers compromised multiple organizations, including U.S....

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