Cisco Broadworks Flaw

SSO Implementation Flaw In Cisco Broadworks Let Attackers Forge Credentials

A single sign-on (SSO) implementation flaw in the Cisco BroadWorks Application Delivery Platform and Cisco BroadWorks Xtended Services Platform might make it possible for...
PoC Exploit VMware Aria

PoC Exploit Released for VMware Aria Authentication Bypass Vulnerability

VMware Aria Operations for Network was discovered with an Authentication Bypass vulnerability previously, which had a critical severity. VMware has released patches for fixing...
VMware Tools SAML

Hackers Launch MiTM Attack to Bypass VMware Tools SAML Authentication

VMware has been reported with a SAML token signature bypass vulnerability, which a threat actor can exploit to perform VMware Guest operations. CVE ID...

Microsoft Edge Privilege Escalation Flaw – Update Now!

Microsoft Edge has published a release note that mentioned a Privilege escalation vulnerability with the CVE ID of CVE-2023-36741 and has a CVSS Score...

Ivanti Sentry Flaw: Let Attackers Access Critical APIs Used for Configuration

An unauthenticated critical API access vulnerability was found in the Ivanti Sentry interface, which could allow a threat actor to gain access to sensitive...

Juniper Networks Junos OS Let Attacker Remotely Execute Code

Multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered on Junos OS, which can be combined to execute a preAuth remote code execution vulnerability on Junos OS on...
Cisco Communications Manager Flaw

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Flaw Let Attacker Launch SQL Injection Attacks

An SQL injection vulnerability was discovered in the web-based management interface of Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Unified CM) and Cisco Unified Communications Manager Session...

HPE Aruba Networking Product Vulnerabilities Allow File Overwrite

The vulnerabilities, CVE-2023-38401 and CVE-2023-38402, affect the HPE Aruba Networking Virtual Intranet Access (VIA) client for the Microsoft Windows operating system. If the exploit...

New PaperCut NG/MF Flaw Let Attackers Execute Code on Unpatched Windows Servers

A Critical vulnerability was discovered in the widely used PaperCut MG/ NF print management software running on Windows prior to version 22.1.3.As of...

IBM SDK, Java Technology Flaw Lets Remote Attacker Execute Arbitrary

IBM has discovered a vulnerability in the IBM SDK, Java Technology Edition, that allows threat actors to execute arbitrary code on the system due...

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