Research Jailbreak Tesla’s Software-Locked Features Worth up to $15,000

Tesla has a reputation for having highly integrated and technologically advanced car computers, which can be used for everything from basic entertainment to completely...
Exploitation of Vulnerabilities 2022

CISA Advisory of Top 42 Frequently Exploited Flaws of 2022

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has published a report which was co-authored by the NSA, FBI, and the FYEY (Five Eyes) from...

Hackers Abuse AWS SSM Agent to Perform Various Malicious Activities

Legitimate SSM agents can turn malicious when attackers with high-privilege access use it to carry out ongoing malicious activities on an endpoint.Once compromised, the...

Ongoing Attacks: Over 600+ Citrix Servers Compromised to Install Web Shells

A critical remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability identified as CVE-2023-3519 has been the subject of several attacks, which have already compromised and backdoored hundreds of Citrix...

New Collide+Power Exploit Let Attacker Steal Sensitive Data From All Modern CPUs

The build and shared components on the CPUs are exploited by a method called Collide+Power. This attack vector does not target specific programs but...

CISA Published a Warning About Ivanti EPMM Zero-day Vulnerabilities

The United States Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) released a warning on Friday about the active exploitation of Ivanti EPMM...

Hackers Attack Apache Tomcat Servers to Deploy Malware

Apache Tomcat, a free and open-source server, supports Jakarta Servlet, Expression Language, and WebSocket technologies, providing a "pure Java" HTTP web server environment.Apache Tomcat...

SolarWinds Platform 2023.3 Released – What’s New!

SolarWinds announces the release of SolarWinds Platform 2023.3, which includes new features and platform upgrades.Further, the release notes detail the issues that were resolved...

Critical MikroTik RouterOS Flaw Exposes 900,000 Systems to Cyber Attacks

MikroTik RouterOS were vulnerable to a privilege escalation vulnerability which was first disclosed in June 2022 at REcon. The vulnerability existed on the x86...

Zenbleed – AMD’s Zen2 Processor Flaw Allows Attackers to Steal Sensitive Data

The CPUs that are based on x86-64 architecture feature XMM registers (128-bit), recently extended to 256-bit (YMM) and 512-bit (ZMM) for greater capacity.Beyond number...

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