Thursday, June 13, 2024

Critical Vulnerabilities in VLC Player Let Hacker Stream Untrusted Video To Hack Your PC...

Its time for hackers to hack your PC using malformed video file, yes, critical vulnerabilities in VLC media Player let attackers load specially crafted...
Samba Vulnerability

Samba Vulnerability Leads to DoS in DNServer and Can Crash Active Directory Services

Samba released security updates for a couple of vulnerabilities that could cause Denial of Service in dnsserver and LDAP server crash.Denial of Service in...
Tor Browser 8.5.2

Tor Browser 8.5.2 Released With Fixes for Critical Zero-day Security Update in Firefox

Tor Browser 8.5.2 released with a fix for critical security updates in that allows an attacker to run malicious code on the vulnerable machine...
WebLogic Server

Oracle Patched Another Zero-Day Vulnerability that Can be Exploited Without Authentication

Oracle released an emergency security update for another critical remote code execution vulnerability that can be exploited by the remote attacker to gain control...
Shot on OnePlus

OnePlus Phone Critical Security Vulnerability in Default Wallpapers app Leaks Users Email Address

A critical security flaw with OnePlus device wallpaper app Shot on OnePlus leaks hundreds of user's email address. The flaw resides in the API...
Wi-Fi extender

Critical RCE Zero-Day in TP-Link Wi-Fi Repeaters Let Hackers to Gain Remote Access

Researchers discovered a critical zero-day flaw in TP-Link Wi-Fi extender that allows a remote attacker to get complete control over the device and to...

Cisco Patches Critical Vulnerability that allows Remote Attacker to Conduct CSRF Attack

Cisco patches a critical vulnerability in the web-based UI (web UI) of Cisco IOS XE Software that could cause allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker...
Adobe Security Update

Adobe Security Update fixes Critical Vulnerabilities in Flash Player, Campaign and ColdFusion

Abode released security updates that fixes code execution  vulnerability in Flash Player, Campaign and ColdFusion. The security updates for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chrome...
Oracle WebLogic Server

Hackers Exploit Critical Oracle WebLogic Server Vulnerability by Hiding Malware in Certificate Files(.cer)

Hackers abuse Oracle WebLogic Server Vulnerability CVE-2019-2725 to deliver Monero Miner. The vulnerability is easily exploitable, any unauthenticated attacker with HTTP access to the...
RCE Vulnerability in Millions of Exim Email Server Let Hackers Execute Arbitrary Command & Control the Server Remotely

RCE Vulnerability in Millions of Exim Email Server Let Hackers Execute Arbitrary Command &...

Critical Remote command execution vulnerability that affected Exim Email Server versions 4.87 to 4.91 let a local attacker or a remote attacker(with limited boundary)...

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