Android Application Penetration Testing Part 2

Android Application Penetration Testing Part 2

With my last article(Android Application Penetration testing Part 1) we had look at the basic architecture of the Android device. Now Let’s...
Android Checklist

Android Application Penetration Testing – Part 11 – Android Checklist

Mobile platforms provide many different services, from authentication, to secure data storage, to secure network communications. Failing to use some part of the platform...
Cybersecurity challenges within Telehealth

Cybersecurity challenges within Telehealth

The rapidity and scope of telehealth services rollouts, not only in the US but around the world, has been nothing short of...
Android Penetration Testing

Android Application Penetration Testing – Part 10

Attacking Broadcast receiver: A Broadcast Receiver is an Android Component which allows you to register for system or application events.We recommend reading Android Penetration Testing...
Mobile Security Testing

Mobile Security Testing to Protect Your Applications From Cyber Threats

Owing to the sudden increase in the use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, mobile application these days are proved as...


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