Apple iPhones and iPads

Two zero-day Flaws With Apple iPhones and iPads Let Attackers to Hack Devices Just...

Security researchers from ZecOps discovered two zero-day vulnerabilities with default email mailing app present in Apple iPhones and iPads let attackers take...
malicious fleeceware apps

Over 3.5 Million iPhone & iPad Users Installed Malicious Fleeceware from Apple’s App Store

More than 30 malicious fleeceware apps found in Apple’s official App Store. These apps are aimed to make financial frauds.
iOS/macOS Camera

iOS/macOS Webcam Can be Hacked With A Single Click On Malformed Link – Hacker...

By just making the users visiting a link, an attacker can hack the users' iOS/macOS Camera using zero-day bugs in Safari.
Poisoned News

Operation Poisoned News – Hackers Deliver Malware Targeting iOS Users Using Local News Links

A new campaign dubbed Operation Poisoned News that uses news local news sites links to deploy malware called lightSpy on the user's...
Apple Agrees To Pay $500 Million in Settlement For Slowing Down The Older iPhones to Buy New Models

Apple Agrees To Pay $500 Million in Settlement For Slowing Down The Older iPhones...

Recently, the tech giant Apple has admitted to paying a settlement of up to $500 million, following a lawsuit blaming the company...


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