StrandHogg – Hackers Aggressively Exploiting New Unpatched Android OS Vulnerability in Wide Using Malware

Newly discovered Android vulnerability dubbed "StrandHogg" being exploited in wide by unknown hackers using weaponized malware apps that posed as a legitimate...
New Hacking Group

New Hacking Group Using Metasploit To Install Backdoor Malware On Windows By Exploiting MS...

Researchers detect a wave of malware campaigns from a new hacking group named TA2101 that targeting various organizations in German and Italy...
FakeNarrator Malware

Chinese APT Hackers Attack Windows Users via FakeNarrator Malware to Implant PcShare Backdoor

Chinese APT hackers launching a FakeNarrator malware to attack technology companies using windows computers and implant modified version of open-source PcShare backdoor.
Wordpress plugins

New Malware Attack Targeting 60 Million WordPress Websites to add Backdoor & Exploit Plugins...

Researchers discovered an ongoing malvertising campaign targeting millions of WordPress websites to infect with backdoor and exploiting the various Wordpress plugins vulnerabilities.
Newly Discovered Hacking Tools Remotely control the Hacked Computers via a Graphical Interface & Command Line

Newly Discovered Hacking Tools Remotely control the Hacked Computers via a GUI & Command-Line...

Researchers discovered two new malicious hacking tools (BalkanRAT, BalkanDoor) from the ongoing campaign Balkans that act as a remote access trojan and...


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