macOS malware

Lazarus APT Group Attack Cryptocurrency Exchange using macOS Malware Under the Operation AppleJeus

A cyber espionage APT group called Lazarus hits the cryptocurrency exchanges using fake installer and macOS malware using variously sophisticated techniques. Lazarus group widely known for cyber attacks against various financial institutions and they have successfully compromised several banks and...
WordPress Security Plugin

Hackers Hidden Backdoor Inside of Malicious WordPress Security Plugin

Hacker Hide the PHP Backdoor Inside of the WordPress Security Plugin called X-WP-SPAM-SHIELD-PRO" code and it contains Legitimate Plugin Name but it has Hidden Backdoor and Performing some Dangerous Malicious Activities. This Fake Malicious Plugin Use the Reputation of WP-SpamShield and...

Turla Mosquito Hacking Group Exploiting Backdoor Using Metasploit To Compromise the Target System

Turla cyber espionage group leveraging Powerful Mosquito backdoor using open source exploitation framework Metasploit for an initial stage of the attack on the target system. Turla hacking group actively targetting various countries, several governments, and organization since 2008 including they breached the US Department...

Beware:Emails Delivering Backdoor and Injecting Malicious Scripts into Enterprise Networks

Nowadays Email campaign playing major role to spreading Malwares, backdoor and advance exploit to take over the single target and Enterprise networks. A New Backdoor Contained Malicious Email champaign that carries Malicious scripts which are spreading in Russian Language and...
Cape Cod Community

Hackers Steal Over $800,000 By Dropping a Malware On Cod Community College Computer Systems

The Cape Cod Community College suffered a massive cyber attack, the attackers steal college banking information and allegedly transfer $807,130 from College. The attack starts with a phishing email. Cyber Criminals currently targeting various colleges and universities around the worlds...


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