Friday, December 1, 2023

How Secure Are Your Digital Ads Against Bots?

The rise of digital ad fraud has been a nightmare for businesses and marketers alike. Sophisticated bots can easily imitate human behavior and generate...

MyloBot Botnet Attacks Thousands of Windows Systems and Turns Them as Proxy

BitSight recently detected MyloBot, an advanced botnet that has successfully infiltrated numerous computer systems, primarily situated in four countries:- IndiaThe United StatesIndonesiaIranThe botnet has targeted...

Malicious Chrome Plugin Let Remote Attacker Steal keystroke and Inject Malicious Code

Researchers at Zimperium zLabs recently identified a new Chrome browser botnet called 'Cloud9' that is intent on stealing the following information using malicious extensions:-Online...

Mantis – Behind The Most Powerful Botnet Attack Ever Recorded With 26 Million RPS

Several attacks targeting almost 1,000 Cloudflare customers were traced back to the botnet that was responsible for the largest HTTPS DDoS attack in June...

Russian Botnet that Hacked Millions of Computers Seized by Authorities

The U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) jointly with law enforcement partners in Germany seized the infrastructure of a Russian botnet called as ‘RSOCKS’ that...

A New Golang-based (P2P) Botnet “Panchan” Actively Attacking Linux Servers

A new P2P botnet targeting Linux servers has been tracked recently by Akamai security researchers. The botnet network has been identified as 'Panchan,' which...

A New DDoS Botnet Attacks 100 DDoS Victims on a Daily Basis

A rapid spreading DDoS botnet has been found on the internet recently by CNCERT in collaboration with 360netlab security firm. Cybersecurity analysts have named...

Google Disrupt The Glupteba Botnet Controls More Than 1 Million Windows PCs

Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG) has discovered and disrupted the Glupteba botnet recently that has infected nearly 1 million Windows PCs all over the...

Mozi IoT Botnet Uses Mirai Variants To Target Network Gateways

Microsoft Security Threat Intelligence Center has recently found that the Mozi P2P botnet is continuously attacking IoT devices.It has installed new functions that help...

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