Virobot Ransomware

Hackers Spreading New Virobot Ransomware with Powerful Botnet & Keylogging Capabilities

Researchers discovered new Virobot Ransomware that distributed along with botnet futures mainly focusing on victims based on the United States. Attackers using spam email botnet to delivery the ransomware into more number of victims and this ransomware doesn't have a previous Ransomware...

New Xbash Malware Attack on Linux & Windows with Botnet, Ransomware & Coinminer Capabilities

Newly discovered Xbash malware with multiple capabilities such as  Botnet, Ransomware & Coinminer to compromise windows and Linux machine which is controlled under the Iron-based threat actor group. Xbash malware has strong intrusion capabilities especially using ransomware and coin mining along with the self-replicative...

HNS IoT Botnet Scanning & Exploits the Routers to Compromise the Victims Networks

HNS(Hide & Seek) IoT botnet attack victims network using router-based vulnerabilities such as  CVE-2016-10401 to propagate malicious code and steal the victim's sensitive information. HNS communication established through peer to peer network which one of the rare mechanism which is used by...
SSH Service

Cryptocurrency-Mining Botnet Attack SSH Service Running IoT Devices

Newly discovered cryptocurrency mining bot targeting the Internet of Things (IoT) devices which contain SSH service and  IoT-related ports, including 22, 2222, and 502. Cryptocurrency-mining malware consumes the system resources and utilizes them for mining cryptocurrencies without user permissions. This crypto-mining...
Necurs Botnet

Necurs Botnet Malware Attack Create a FlawedAMMYY Backdoor on Compromised Windows PC

Necurs botnet malware emerging again with new set of futures to create a backdoor on victims machine to steal sensitive data and perform various malicious activities. Necurs botnet actively attacking since 2017 in various form and cause some of extremely...


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