Friday, July 19, 2024

OSINVGPT – A Tool For Open-source Investigations

OSINVGPT is an AI-based system that helps security analysts with open-source investigations and tool selection. While this tool was developed by "Very Simple Research."This...

PentestGPT – A ChatGPT Powered Automated Penetration Testing Tool

GBHackers come across a new ChatGPT-powered Penetration testing Tool called "PentestGPT" that helps penetration testers to automate their pentesting operations.PentestGPT has been released on...

Four Cyber Criminals Convicted of Spreading ChatGPT-Assisted Ransomware

Four Chinese cybercriminals were taken into custody after using ChatGPT to create ransomware. The lawsuit is the first of its sort in China, where...

650,000+ Malicious Domains Registered Resembling ChatGPT

Hackers abuse the ChatGPT name for malicious domains to exploit the credibility associated with the ChatGPT model, deceiving users into trusting fraudulent websites. Leveraging the...

WormGPT – A ChatGPT Themed Hacking Tool Used to Launch Cyber Attack

WormGPT, a black-hat-based tool has been recently launched by cybercriminals and has the potential to conduct various social engineering as well as Business Email...

OpenAI Has Made The GPT-4 API Available To Everyone

GPT-4, OpenAI's newest text-generation model, is now generally available through its API. As part of its upgrade, the company also made GPT 3.5, DALL-E,...

Reveal(x) – New Tool to Defend Against ChatGPT Data Leaks

ExtraHop released a new tool called "Reveal(x)" that helps organizations understand their potential risk exposure from employee use of OpenAI ChatGPT by providing visibility...

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