Hybrid Cloud

How secure is the Hybrid Cloud?

The use of process management and storage services in public and private clouds is encouraging organizations to change and simplify their approach to security by abandoning traditional tools and adopting new solutions. With the popularization of cloud storage services, the first...

250,000 Sensitive Legal Documents Leaked Online via Unprotected Elasticsearch Cluster

Security researchers discovered 257,287 legal documents from unprotected Elasticsearch cluster that hosted on a US-based Amazon AWS server. The unprotected sensitive documents labeled as "not designated for publication‘" and the data contains 4.7GB...
Firefox Send

Firefox Send – Free Encrypted File Transfer Service to Share Your Personal Information Securely

Mozilla launched it's free encrypted file transfer service Firefox Send that allows users to share the files simply and securely from any browsers. You can send files up to 2.5GB by having a Firefox...
Box data

Box Data Leak – Terabytes of Data Exposed from Companies Using cloud based Box...

Box is a cloud management system as like AWS S3 buckets, to manage and access your data. You can place the files in the Box storage and it can be shared to anyone through links.
AWS Lambda

Tips and Practical Guidance for Getting Started AWS Lambda with Best Security Practices

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most dynamic and forward-thinking companies on the planet. They provide a wealth of services such as AWS Lambda to small and medium-size businesses that allow them to grow...


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