Thursday, April 18, 2024

Microsoft To Ban 50+ Products For Users In Russia

Softline Group, a major IT solutions provider, has confirmed the suspension of access to cloud products offered by Microsoft, Amazon, and Google for Russian...

Microsoft Notifies of Major Domain Change With Teams is Coming

In April 2023, Microsoft announced that it would be undertaking a multi-year effort to reduce domain fragmentation among authenticated, user-facing Microsoft 365 apps and services by...

CloudGrappler: Open Source Tool that Detects Hacking Activity

CloudGrappler is an innovative open-source tool designed to detect the presence of notorious threat actors in cloud environments.This tool is a beacon of...
NSP Top Ten Cloud Security Practices

NSA Releases Top Ten Best Practices For Cloud Environments

Threat actors aim at Cloud environments because of their wide acceptance and one-stop storage of important information. Exploiting shortcomings in cloud security may enable unauthorized...

New OilRig Downloaders Abusing Microsoft Cloud APIs for C&C Communications

Threat actors engage in cyberespionage to gain the following advantages:-StrategicPoliticalEconomicMilitaryHackers do so by stealing the following key things from the targeted organizations or nations:-Confidential...
HCL Ransomware Attack

HCL Investigating Ransomware Attack on Isolated Cloud Environment

In the dynamic realm of IT, HCL Technologies, the Noida-based juggernaut, recently found itself navigating choppy digital waters. The revelation of a targeted ransomware incident...

Cloud Engineer Sentenced for Deleting Ex-employer’s Code Repos & Logs

San Francisco resident Miklos Daniel Brody, 38, took revenge on his former employer, a bank, by hacking valuable computer code and damaging the bank's cloud system....

Broadcom Completes the $61 Billion Acquisition of VMware

Broadcom Inc., a multinational semiconductor manufacturing company headquartered in San Jose, CA, has announced the successful acquisition of VMware in a $61 billion deal.VMware...
Google Drive Users Files

Google Drive Users Files Suddenly Disappeared, Tech Gaint Investigating

In a perplexing turn of events, a notable cohort of Google Drive users is grappling with the disappearance of files from their accounts. Reports indicate...

Chinese APT Infrastructure Mimics Cloud Backup Services

Cambodian government entities were discovered to be targeted and compromised by Chinese APT actors.The threat actors are using the infrastructure to masquerade as...

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