100,000 Printers Hacked Worldwide Again by Hackers to Promote PewDiePie YouTube Channel

Hackers who support PewDiePie, A most subscribed YouTube channel so far strike again and compromised more than 100,000 printers around the world to promote and gain the subscription agaist T-series. This latest series of...
Malware Detection Competition

Microsoft Launchs a New Windows machine Malware Detection Competition for $25K Cash Prize

Microsoft launches Malware Detection Competition with AI to test whether the participants AI malware detection models can accurately predict malware from the infected device. Since Malware evolution  is continuously targeting organization and individuals with sophisticated...
Worst Passwords of 2018

List of Top 25 Worst Passwords of 2018 Based On 5 Million Leaked Passwords

Passwords are the strings of cards used to verify the identity of the user, when the passwords are extracted they are free simple and viable approach to gain access to unapproved individuals accounts. After...

Hackers Using Weaponized Memes to Communicate with Malware for Malicious Operations

Researchers recently observed that cyber criminals using a weaponized memes in order to communicate with malware for various malicious operations. Memes are nowadays using for fast communication methods to spreading news which is now...

What is DNS Attack and How Does it Work?

Today, the internet has turned into an integral part of our life. From communicating to banking to shopping to traveling, every aspect of our life is around the internet. Since the internet has been widely used, cybersecurity is a primary...


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