19-Year-Old Vulnerability in WinRAR Allows Attackers to Get Complete Control over victim’s Computer

A critical old Remote Code Execution bug puts 500 million WinRAR users worldwide at risk. The vulnerability remains undetected for 19 years.

FIN7 Hackers Added New Hacking Tool BIOLOAD to Evade AV Detection – Attacks Windows...

Researchers observed a new tool attributed to the FIN7 hacker group dubbed BIOLOAD aimed to minimize the footprint in the victim machine...

800 Million Emails Leaked Online From Worlds Largest Email Verification Service

Researchers discovered the 150GB volume of biggest and most comprehensive email unprotected MongoDB that leaked 800 Million Email data online that belongs...
Orcus RAT

Beware !! Orcus RAT Delivered Through Advertisement video Files and Images

A new highly sophisticated campaign that delivers the Orcus RAT embedded in video files and Images. The campaign mainly focuses on information...

Backstory -Google Released New Tool To Analyze Internal Security Telemetry to Detect Cyber Threats

Google's enterprise cybersecurity venture, Chronicle announced "Backstory", a new telemetry platform for enterprises to analyze their internal security telemetry to detect potential...


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