Microsoft Cortana Vulnerability

Microsoft Cortana Vulnerability Allows Hackers to Break into your Locked Windows 10 PC

Microsoft Cortana Vulnerability that patched by Microsoft allows attackers to execute malicious code on the locked computer and gain access to the locked device...
USB Type-C

USB-IF Launches USB Type-C Authentication Program To Protect Against From Malicious Devices

USB-IF announced USB Type-C Authentication Program to confirm the authencity of the USB device USB device, USB cable or USB charger.
LookBack  Malware - Chinese State-Sponsored ATP 10 Hacker Group

Chinese State-Sponsored ATP 10 Hackers Launching Cyber Attack On U.S Utilities

Researchers discovered a new malware dubbed “LookBack" distributed via spear-phishing email campaign to attack the entities in the United States.

New Version of DeathRansom Ransomware Aggressively Encrypts Network Drive Files After it’s Encryption Bug...

DeathRansom - A new ransomware strain that evolves from no encryption to using a combination of encryption algorithms to encrypt files.

How To Stop Cyber Criminals to Spy & Track Your Smartphone

Many smartphone users are surprised when they get a pop up as soon as they leave a place asking them to rate their experience...


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