macOS malware

Lazarus APT Group Attack Cryptocurrency Exchange using macOS Malware Under the Operation AppleJeus

A cyber espionage APT group called Lazarus hits the cryptocurrency exchanges using fake installer and macOS malware using variously sophisticated techniques. Lazarus group widely known...
Mirai malware

New Form of Mirai Malware Attacking Cross Platform By leveraging Open-Source Project

A newly discovered different form of Mirai malware leveraging Open-Source Project called Aboriginal Linux to infect multiple cross-platforms such as routers, IP cameras, connected...
Operation Red Signature

Operation Red Signature Deliver’s Malware to Target Organizations Through Outside Partner Network

Supply Chain Attacks occurs is an advanced threat that determines the weak link in the supply chain to infiltrate into the organization network. Security researchers...
Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Release Security Patches to Fix Critical Vulnerabilities for Adobe Photoshop

Adobe released security patches that fix multiple critical vulnerabilities with Adobe Photoshop CC 19.1.5 and earlier 19.x versions, as well as 18.1.5 and earlier...
Enterprise Security

Protect Your Organization with Worlds Best Enterprise Security Plans & Implementation

Enterprise Security is a most important concern for any of the organization due to Cyber Attack that keep's on evolving with more sophisticated techniques...


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