Famous Indian Bank SWIFT/ATM System Hacked – Hackers Stolen US$13.5 Million – A High...

North Korean APT hackers group Lazarus attempting high profile SWIFT/ATM Attack on Cosmos Bank in India and stolen over US$13.5( INR 78 Crore) million. Cosmos Bank is...
HERMES Ransomware 2.1

HERMES Ransomware Spreading Through Password Protected Word Documents and XPS

A new Email campaign spotted by Trustwave spreading HERMES Ransomware through password protected word document to encrypt the system files and lock the victim’s...
Remcos RAT

Multiple Malware Campaigns Distributing Remcos RAT Via Malicious Excel and Word Documents

Multiple malware campaigns attempting to install Remcos RAT on victim's machines to gain access to the system. Attackers delivering the malware through Excel spreadsheets and...
macOS malware

Lazarus APT Group Attack Cryptocurrency Exchange using macOS Malware Under the Operation AppleJeus

A cyber espionage APT group called Lazarus hits the cryptocurrency exchanges using fake installer and macOS malware using variously sophisticated techniques. Lazarus group widely known...
Mirai malware

New Form of Mirai Malware Attacking Cross Platform By leveraging Open-Source Project

A newly discovered different form of Mirai malware leveraging Open-Source Project called Aboriginal Linux to infect multiple cross-platforms such as routers, IP cameras, connected...


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