Dark Tequila

Dark Tequila Malware Steals Financial Information and Login Details of Popular Websites

Security researchers from Kaspersky uncovered a malware campaign that is active for almost Five years since from 2013. The malware campaign dubbed Dark Tequila...
downloader malware

New Marap Malware Targeting Financial Institutions Via Microsoft Office and PDF Documents

A new downloader malware dubbed Marap targeting financial institutions, it was written in C and it has the ability to download additional modules and...
Skype Private Conversation

Skype Announced End-to-End Encryption Across all the Platforms

Last January skype announced end-to-end encrypted Private Conversations and now it becomes live for users on Android, iOS, Mac, Linux and Windows desktop platforms. Skype...
FlawedAmmyy RAT

Hackers Using Microsoft Publisher File To Deliver Dangerous FlawedAmmyy RAT Targeting Banks

A new campaign using Weaponized Microsoft Publisher File(.pub) to deliver the FlawedAmmyy RAT. The FlawedAmmyy RAT is a backdoor tool that gains remote access...
Trickbot Malware

Trickbot Malware Re-emerging via MS Word Documents with Powerful Code-Injection Technique

Trickbot malware is one of the widely known Banking Trojan emerging again with sophisticated techniques to at target the various financial institutions and large bank...


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