Megecart Attack

Magecart Attack – Incident Investigation and The Key Takeaways

Magecart is a malicious threat actor ,operating in structured groups ( Group 1 to Group 6 ) and all this groups and...
ComRAT Malware

Turla Group Updated ComRAT Malware to Use Gmail web Interface for Command and Control

The ComRAT malware is a remote administration tool and is used by the Turla hacker group. It was first spotted in November...
Fake Zoom Installers

Hackers Use Fake Zoom Installers to Install Backdoor and Devil Shadow Botnet on Windows...

Hackers taking advantage of the video conferencing apps like Zoom to infect systems with malicious routines. Security researchers from...
Bluetooth BIAS Attack

Critical Bluetooth BIAS Attack Let Hackers Access Billions of Devices

A new attack dubbed Bluetooth BIAS attack allows attackers to spoof the already paired device and to successfully authenticate without having the...
Best Ways to Detect and Handle Suspicious Email Attachments

Best Ways to Detect and Handle Suspicious Email Attachments

I'm going to share some tips on how to spot suspicious email attachments quickly and easily. We get so many emails daily...


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