USB 4 Released – Now You can Transfer Data with 40 Gbps Maximum Speed...

USB Implementers Forum announced USB 4 which operates over USB Type-C connector and able to provide data transfer speeds up to 40...
Threat Profiles

SOC Second Defense Phase – Understanding the Cyber Threat Profiles

In the first phase of architecturing the SOC, we have seen the basic level understanding of the attacks and necessary steps to...
TA505 hacker group

TA505 APT Hackers Drop ServHelper and FlawedAmmyy through ISO files to Gain Remote Access

TA505 hacker group continues to evolve by making small changes with their techniques, target countries and combination of techniques for each their...
LYCEUM threat group

LYCEUM APT Hackers Attack Critical Infrastructures Over a Year using Several Hacking Tools

A new threat group dubbed LYCEUM spotted attacking critical infrastructure organizations including oil, gas and possibly telecommunications using several hacking tools.

Operating Systems Can be Detected Using Ping Command

Operating Systems can be detected using Ping Command, Ping is a computer network administration software utility, which used to find the Availability...


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