Free Password Manager

10 Best Free Password Manager to Secure Your Password For 2020

Free Password Manager always helps to make Strong passwords to protect your devices, online banking accounts and other data sources from unauthorized...
Microsoft Teams Updater

Hackers Abuse Microsoft Teams Updater to Install Malware Using Living off the Land Technique

A new flaw with Microsoft Teams Updater allows attackers to install and run malware from a remote location Using Living off the...
WastedLocker Ransomware

Hackers Abuse Windows Feature To Launch WastedLocker Ransomware to Evade Detection

Recently one of the most dangerous ransomware, WastedLocker, owes its success to a unique bypass mechanism for security solutions and tools that...
Macro Pack

Macro Pack – Automatize Obfuscation and Generation of Malicious Office Documents

Malware delivery trends change every day. For the last few years, we have observed various hacker groups like ( APT12 to Turla...
What is DNS Attack and How Does it Works?

What is DNS Attack and How Does it Works?

DNS Attack is a type of cyber attack that exploits the weakness or vulnerability in Domain name system. Today, the internet has...


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