China’s Great Firewall

A New Study Reveals That China’s Great Firewall Blocks Over 311,000 Domains

The Great Firewall is an alliance of different authoritative activities as well as technologies that are administered by the People's Republic of...
Joker Malware

Malicious Android App Posed As QR Scanner To Launch Joker Malware That Steals SMS...

Researchers uncovered a new wave of Android malware campaign " Joker" which posed as a QR scanner to target Android users.

Magecart Hackers Hide Stolen Credit Card Data Into Images & Selling It in DarkWeb

A brand-new technique has been used by the hackers of the Magecart threat group recently to hide stolen credit card data in...
Cybersecurity Wargaming

Key Recommendation to Avoid Pitfalls in Cybersecurity Wargaming Design

Wargaming has long been used by the military for research and training purposes. Given the growing complexity, sophistication, severity, and frequency of...
Burp Suite 2021.7

Burp Suite 2021.7 Released With New Tool & Updated Burp Scanner

The developers of Portswigger have recently released the new version of Burp Suite, "Burp Suite 2021.7" with updated Burp Scanner and several...


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