Indian Websites

15,779 Indian Websites Hacked During This Year (Jan – Nov) – CERT-India

India Computer Emergency Response Team reported over 15779 Indian websites hacked during Jan-Nov 2018 and this year less breaches were reported when compared to the previous years. Indian Parliament informed that Electronics and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and 33,147...

Hackers Actively Exploiting the Recently Patched Windows kernel Zero-day Vulnerability in Wild

Threat actors exploiting the recently patched Windows Kernel Privilege Escalation Vulnerability (CVE-2018-8611) that allows attackers to run arbitrary code in kernel mode and install program with admin privileges. The vulnerability is due to the improper file execution operations in the...

400 Million Users Affected With Critical Microsoft Account Takeover Vulnerability

Multiple critical vulnerabilities that chained together allows an attacker to take control over Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Store, or Microsoft Sway by just making the victims clicking on the link. The vulnerability is due to a misconfigured subdomain, security researchers from Safetydetective, ...

TA505 Cyber Threat Actors Installing Remote Monitoring Tool via Weaponized MS Word Document

Cyber Criminals from TA505 group started a new campaign that targeting retail, grocery, and restaurant chains by distributing weaponized MS word documents. TA505 group already had a record of distributing biggest threat campaign  Dridex and widely distributing Locky ransomware that affected...
Cape Cod Community

Hackers Steal Over $800,000 By Dropping a Malware On Cod Community College Computer Systems

The Cape Cod Community College suffered a massive cyber attack, the attackers steal college banking information and allegedly transfer $807,130 from College. The attack starts with a phishing email. Cyber Criminals currently targeting various colleges and universities around the worlds...


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