Torii Tool

How Torii Helps IT Managers Stay on Top of Cybersecurity

Lack of proper SaaS management in your IT department can expose your organization to a number of potential security loopholes and endpoint...
These 4 Solutions Can Solve Why Your Computer Keeps Shutting Down

These 4 Solutions Can Solve Why Your Computer Keeps Shutting Down

Thirty years into the age of personal computers, there are not too many weird errors and occurrences that the average user is...
Microsoft SQL Servers

Winnti Hacker Group Uses New Malware to Hack Microsoft SQL Servers

Winnti hacker group uses a new malware dubbed skip-2.0 to attack Microsoft SQL Servers and to gain persistence access. Winnti group believed...
Corporate Network

Network Intruders Teamup With Ransomware Developers to Hack Corporate Networks

Cyberattacks rapidly growing every day, it emerges as one of the biggest challenges for businesses. Network intruders and ransomware developer groups develop...
WAV Audio

Hackers Embedded the Malicious Code Within WAV Audio Files to Gain Reverse Shell Access

Researchers observed a new malware campaign using WAV audio files to hide the malware and to avoid detection. Threat actors embedded the...


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