TrickBot RDP Scan Module

New TrickBot Module BruteForce RDP Connections Attacks Telecommunication Industry

A New TrickBot module discovered brute-forcing RDP connections on selected targets, mostly the telecom industry. TrickBot is a well-know...
CoronaVirus Cyber Attack

CoronaVirus Cyber Attack Panic – Threat Actors Targets Victims Worldwide

Spammers are using the Coronavirus outbreak to spread malware via emails claiming to be “Offer information on how to defend against the...
SMBv3 RCE Flaw

Microsoft Released Patches for Wormable Windows SMBv3 RCE Flaw – More than 48000 Hosts...

Microsoft patched a critical Remote Code Execution Vulnerability with Windows SMBv3 Client/Server that allows an attacker to execute code remotely.
Wormable Windows SMBv3

Unpatched Wormable Windows SMBv3 RCE Zero-day Flaw Leaked in Microsoft Security Updates

Microsoft leaked details of an unpatched bug that exists in the Server Message Block 3.0 (SMBv3) network communication protocol reported as part...
Best and Effective Ways to Keep Your Files Safe From Hackers – Guide

Best and Effective Ways to Keep Your Files Safe From Hackers – Guide

As more and more of our personal lives are stored digitally, our computers can effectively become extensions of ourselves.


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