RDP attack

Hackers Conducting RDP Attacks Using New Technique to Bypass Protections

A Microsoft Windows component, RDP was designed to provide administrators, engineers, and users with remote access to systems. However, threat actors...

Microsoft Exchange Server Zero-day Flaw Exploit Provide Highest Admin Privilege to Hackers

A New privilege escalation zero-day vulnerability discovered in Microsoft Exchange server that allows an attacker to gain admin privilege through a set...

Beware of Malicious Word Documents that Downloads the Ursnif Malware and GandCrab Ransomware

A new phishing email campaign contained a malicious word document with macros downloads and executes Ursnif malware and GandCrab ransomware.
Malicious VBA Macro

Malware Campaign -Distributing Ursnif Banking Malware Using Fileless Technique

Ursnif malware also known as Gozi ISFB, is a variant of the original Gozi banking Trojan, which leaked its source code online...
Redaman Banking Malware

Hackers Delivering Redaman Banking Malware Disguising as a PDF Document

A new malspam campaign delivering Redaman Banking Malware disguising as an PDF document. The Redman malware was first detected in the year...


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