San Diego Unified School

San Diego School District Hacked – 500,000 Students and Staff Data May Have been...

A Massive data breach at San Diego Unified School District lost more than 500,000 and the stolen data file contains...
ADSL modems

More than 19,000 Orange ADSL Modems Leaking Their WiFi Password

Multiple security vulnerabilities affecting latest firmware of ORANGE Livebox ADSL modems. The flaw allows an unauthenticated remote user to obtain modem's SSID...

Protecting Your Organization Network With a Dedicated IT Security Team

It doesn't matter if you have a traditional or mobile network, cybersecurity is still important. Most enterprises place too much faith in...
lawfully monitor

Indian Government Authorizes 10 Security Agencies to Monitor, Intercept and Decrypt Citizens Data

The government of India authorizes 1o security and intelligence agencies to lawfully monitor, intercept and decrypt data stored on any computer, internet...

Now Mirai Malware Attack as Miori delivered via Delivered via Remote Code Execution Exploit

Most Destructive IoT malware Mirai now being delivered as Miori and its spreading via dangerous remote code execution exploits.


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