DangerousPassword – Hackers Use New Attack Pattern to Infect Devices With Malware

Recently, it has been observed by JPCERT/CC that threat actors are actively targeting the cryptocurrency exchanges linked to the DangerousPassword attack campaign (aka CryptoMimic...
Android Malware on Google Play

New Android Malware on Google Play Store with Over 50,000 Installs

The cybersecurity researchers at ESET recently made a significant discovery, a previously unidentified remote access trojan (RAT) lurking within an Android screen recording app,...
Millions of PC Motherboard

Millions of PC Motherboard Were Sold With Backdoor Installed

Gigabyte systems have been identified by the Eclypsium platform for exhibiting suspicious backdoor-like behavior. This discovery marks a recent development in detecting potential security...

ThirdEye – A new Infostealer Malware Steal BIOS & Hardware Data

Cybersecurity researchers at FortiGuard Labs recently found an unseen infostealer dubbed "ThirdEye" that is mainly crafted to steal several information from the systems that...
Gamaredon's Infrastructure uncovered

Hacker Group Infrastructure That Uses Weaponized MS Word Docs Uncovered

Gamaredon, also known as Primitive Bear, Actinium, or Shuckworm, is a Russian Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) group active since at least 2013.It is...

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