Wednesday, July 17, 2024

8220 Gang Exploiting Oracle WebLogic Server Flaw To Deploy Cryptominer

The Oracle WebLogic Server vulnerabilities enable hackers to access unauthorized systems that are used for business data and applications. This can enable threat actors to...

Kinsing Malware Attacking Apache Tomcat Server With Vulnerabilities

The scalability and flexibility of cloud platforms recently boosted the emerging trend of cryptomining attacks in the cloud.Unlike on-premises infrastructure, whereby it is difficult...

Ex-Security Engineer Jailed For Hacking Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Ahmed exploited a vulnerability in a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange's smart contract by injecting fabricated pricing data, which triggered the generation of inflated fees totaling...

Hacked WordPress Sites Using Visitors’ Browsers For Distributed Brute Force Attacks

Researchers recently uncovered distributed brute force attacks on target WordPress websites using the browsers of innocent site visitors. A recent increase in website hacking that targets...

US-Seized Crypto Currency Mixer Used by North Korean Lazarus Hackers

The U.S. Treasury Department sanctioned the famous cryptocurrency mixer Sinbad after it was claimed that the North Korean hacker group Lazarus was using it to...

‘Pig butchering’: Authorities Seized $9M in Crypto During Dollar Conversion

Authorities seized about $9 million in crypto, which was earned by taking advantage of over 70 victims nationwide through alleged "pig butchering" schemes. A pig-butchering scam...

Million-Dollar Crypto Scam that Leaves Investors Empty-handed

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, the ever-looming threat of Rug Pulls has once again taken center stage. Check Point's Threat Intel Blockchain system, a...
poloniex cyber attack

Poloniex Offered $10 Million Reward to Hacker for Return of $120 Million

Poloniex is a popular cryptocurrency exchange platform headquartered in the United States that provides a diverse range of digital assets for trading. The platform...
Create2 Bypass Wallet Security Alerts

Hackers Exploiting Create2 to Bypass Wallet Security Alerts

Recently, hackers have used the Ethereum network's CREATE2 opcode to bypass wallet security alarms in certain wallets. Using Create2's pre-calculation feature, the Drainers can produce...

How Does Cryptocurrency Affect Cybersecurity?

Lately, cryptocurrencies have emerged as a notable cybersecurity threat. Unsuspecting users are being scammed or hacked more than ever.Most troubles start because people don’t...

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