KICKICO Hacked – Hackers Stolen $ 7.7 Million Worth Tokens

KICKICO Hacked, hackers gained access to the KICK smart contact token of the KICKICO platform and stolen 70,000,000 KICK which is equivalent to $ 7.7 million. KICKICO is an initial coin offering (ICO) project that launched with the Ethereum blockchain...

Singaporean Crypto-jacking Attack Leads to Add more Crypto-Security Concerns

As is often the case when an industry gains any sort of mainstream traction, there are always people looking for gaps in the system. By creeping into the cracks developers have left behind, hackers can find ways to exploit...
Bancor Security Breach

Bancor Suffers Security Breach – Hackers Stolen $23.5 Million Worth Cryptocurrency

Israeli based cryptocurrency exchange platform Bancor suffers Security Breach, hackers stolen $13.5 Million Worth Cryptocurrency. According to the company statement, the hack attack took place on July 9, at 00:00 UTC and no user wallets have been compromised in the...
Bithump hacked

Bithump Hacked – Hackers Steal $31 Million Worth Cryptocurrency

Bithump hacked second time in this year, hackers stolen 35 billion won which is equivalent to $31 million from the exchange platform. It lasts from last night to today morning in Korean Standard Time (KST). Bithump ranks sixth worldwide based...
Coinrail Hacked

South Korean Crypto Exchange Coinrail Hacked and Attackers Steal $40M in Tokens

Coinrail Hacked, attackers have stolen more than $40 million in ICO tokens and altcoins from the company servers. The South Korean crypto exchange Coinrail ranks among top 100 exchanges according to coinmarketcap and handles less than $2.5 million in volume...


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