Bitcoin Cash

Two Miners Purportedly Execute 51% Attack on Bitcoin Cash(BCH) Blockchain

A recent 51% attack which took place in the Bitcoin Cash network, the price of Bitcoin Cash has appreciated against both USD and BTC and the attack was coordinated by both the and mining pools....

Cryptojacking Attack – Tesla Internal Servers Hacked to Mine Cryptocurrency

Tesla internal servers compromised by hackers and exposed the sensitive data from Tesla’s Kubernetes console that has been used for performing the cryptojacking attack. Kubernetes is an open-source application used by large companies to manage API and server infrastructure and a...
Hackers Breached ETERBASE Cryptocurrency Exchange and Stole $ 5.4 Million

Hackers Breached ETERBASE Cryptocurrency Exchange and Stole $ 5.4 Million

Recently, the representatives of the ETERBASE has reported on the official Telegram channel of the portal that they have become a victim of hackers. In this incident, the hackers attacked ETERBASE and successfully stole $5.4 million on...
Monero mining

Biggest Crypto-Mining Campaign Ever – Hackers Mine $3 Million Worth of Monero Crypto-currency

Security researchers from Checkpoint discovered a largest Monero mining activity that uses XMRig miner on various versions of Windows machines. The hacker group earned more than $3 million worth Monero coins, and now to speed up their mining process they...

New Hacking Tools launching Crypto-Malware by Exploit a Windows SMB Server Vulnerability

Cybercriminals now leveraging new hacking tools and remote access software to drop cryptocurrency malware by exploiting a Windows SMB Server Vulnerability . There are 2 main hacking tools that are used by attackers to drop random...


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