cryptocurrency web miner

Cryptocurrency Web Miner Makes into MSN Portal Through Advertising Platform

Cryptocurrency web miner scripts make into MSN portal through Advertising Platform AOL and create a large number of web miners. Hackers Modified the scripts of AOL advertising platform to launch a web miner program and most of the minor...
CryptoCurrency Breaches and Hacking Scandals: How to Address them?

CryptoCurrency Breaches and Hacking Scandals: How to Address them?

The proponents of cryptocurrency always harp on the point that it is very safe and secure and the blockchain technology that is used is virtually hacking proof. Let’s face it, even with the best technology you will...
Smominru Botnet

Cryptocurrency Mining Smominru Botnet Infected more than 500,000 Windows Machines

Security researchers from Proofpoint detected Monero miners that spread using the infamous EternalBlue Exploit. Attackers using persistent Botnet dubbed Smominru to spread the infection through all possible exploits. The year 2017 is well known for Ransomware, data breaches and Hacking...

Millions of Android Users Hacked by Dangerous Drive-by Cryptomining Attack to Mine Monero

A newly discovered Cryptoming campaign called Drive-by Cryptomining targeted million of Android user to mine Monerocoins and this campaign Started around November 2017 using different type of malicious domain. A Malicious lucrative Payload's are distributing from a particular hacking group...
Cryptocurrency Mining script

Hackers Spreading Cryptocurrency Mining scripts via videos that Embedded in MS Office Word Documents

Microsoft word documents abused by Cryptocurrency Mining script embedded phishing Videos and victims tricked into watching an "innocent" video that leads to performing a crypto-Jacking Attack on victims PC. Nowadays Hackers always finding a new malicious way to mining Cryptocurrency by abusing...


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