Wikipedia Page Linked with “Minr” Cryptojacking Malware Infected 3rd Party Website

Cryptojacking Malware called "Minr" infected website has been linked with Wikipedia Page that leads to mine the cryptocurrency Monero (XMR). Wikipedia visitors who visiting the concern page and once a user clicks the link that pointed to the Malware infected website, the malicious...
cryptocurrency mining

More than 30 million people have been Affected with Biggest Cryptocurrency Mining Attack

Security researchers from Palo Alto Networks detected a large-scale cryptocurrency mining operation than last for more than 4 months. Researchers believe it impacted more than 30 million people worldwide. Attackers used malware for Mining Monero using high-performance XMRig. Threat actors...
cryptocurrency wallets

Cryptocurrency wallets Hacked by “CryptoShuffler” Trojan & Stole $140,000 From Many Wallet ID

A newly discovered Trojan called "CryptoShuffler" stole around $140,000 from cryptocurrency wallets by replacing the Original Wallet address with another and transfer into attacker wallet. Once CryptoShuffler spots the address of a cryptocurrency wallet, it will intrude the victim's wallet...
Hiddenminer - Android malware

Hiddenminer – Android Monero Mining Malware Can Overheat and Cause Device Failure

A new Monero Mining Android malware dubbed ANDROIDOS_HIDDENMINER that uses the device CPU power to mine Monero malware and could cause the device to overheat and potentially fail. The Hiddenminer app posses like a legitimate Google Play update app and...

Final countdown for SHA-1 SSL certificates

SHA-1 SSL certificates which are more popular and an sucessor of MD5 algorithm are now in the final days of what was once one of the most widespread types of SSL certificates:SHA-1. Now, due to the ever present requirement to strengthen...


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