Dharma Ransomware

Dangerous Dharma Ransomware Attack Emerged Again in Wide with New Variant & Extension

Re-emerging Dharma Ransomware distributed with new variant that developed to attack various organisation and individual systems and encrypting the victim files to demand the ransom amount. It added various futures and tactics to infiltrate the victims computer when compare old...

Ransomware attack hit San Francisco train system

A ransomware attack took ticket machines for San Francisco's light rail transit system offline all day Saturday during one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year, but rather than shutting down, the agency decided instead to let users...

ImageGate attack – Malware through poisoned .JPG

ImageGate attack : Security people from Check Point Software Technologies identified a new malware  campaign through Facebook. Crooks leverage an image obfuscation trick, dubbed ImageGate, to spread the Locky ransomware via Facebook. Experts highlighted that the image obfuscation trick is able...
DUHK Attack

DUHK Attack allows Hackers to Recover Encryption Keys and Decrypt Communications Passing Over VPN

DUHK attack targets the old vulnerability that resides in the pseudorandom number generator called ANSI X9.31. It is an algorithm widely used to generate cryptographic keys that secure VPN connections and web browsing sessions. ANSI X9.31 PRNG is a pseudorandom...

Final countdown for SHA-1 SSL certificates

SHA-1 SSL certificates which are more popular and an sucessor of MD5 algorithm are now in the final days of what was once one of the most widespread types of SSL certificates:SHA-1. Now, due to the ever present requirement to strengthen...


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