Google Declares First-Ever SHA-1 attack

Google Declares First-Ever SHA-1 attack

The use of SHA-1 certificates has been depreciated due to the ever-present necessity to strengthen procedures and strategies against a background of continually enhancing computational power. A Collision Attack is an attempt to discover two information strings of a hash...
Project Wycheproof - Test crypto libraries against known attacks

Project Wycheproof – Test crypto libraries against known attacks

Google announced Project Wycheproof - Test crypto libraries against known attacks, it is created and kept up by individuals from Google Security Team, however, it is not an official Google product. Project Wycheproof incorporates more than 80 test cases, and Google...

Cerber 5.0.1 ransomware spreading via Google and Tor

What is cerber? Cerber is a ransomware-type malware that infiltrates the system and encrypts various file types including .jpg, .doc, .raw, .avi, etc. Cerber adds a .cerber extension to each encrypted file. Following successful infiltration, Cerber demands a ransom payment...

Ransomware attack hit San Francisco train system

A ransomware attack took ticket machines for San Francisco's light rail transit system offline all day Saturday during one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year, but rather than shutting down, the agency decided instead to let users...

ImageGate attack – Malware through poisoned .JPG

ImageGate attack : Security people from Check Point Software Technologies identified a new malware  campaign through Facebook. Crooks leverage an image obfuscation trick, dubbed ImageGate, to spread the Locky ransomware via Facebook. Experts highlighted that the image obfuscation trick is able...


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