Do you know how Peer to Peer Bitcoin works?

Do you know how Peer to Peer Bitcoin works?

Bitcoin—this term caused a huge buzz in the finance and technology industry back in 2009 when an unknown Satoshi Nakamoto brought it to the table. Many people got more curious about what it is and how it...
Oracle WebLogic Server

Hackers Exploit Critical Oracle WebLogic Server Vulnerability by Hiding Malware in Certificate Files(.cer)

Hackers abuse Oracle WebLogic Server Vulnerability CVE-2019-2725 to deliver Monero Miner. The vulnerability is easily exploitable, any unauthenticated attacker with HTTP access to the server can attack without authentication. Trend Micro observed a new...
BlackSquid Malware Uses Eight Exploits to attack Web servers, Network Drives, and Removable Drives

BlackSquid Malware Uses Eight Exploits to Attack Web Servers, Network Drives, and Removable Drives

A new malware dubbed BlackSquid bags eight notorious exploits to drop XMRig Monero cryptocurrency miner targeting web servers, network drives, and removable drives. The malware employs several anti-virtualization, anti-debugging, and anti-sandboxing methods to avoid...
Bitcoin Cash

Two Miners Purportedly Execute 51% Attack on Bitcoin Cash(BCH) Blockchain

A recent 51% attack which took place in the Bitcoin Cash network, the price of Bitcoin Cash has appreciated against both USD and BTC and the attack was coordinated by both the and mining pools....
Cryptocurrency Mixing

Cryptocurrency Mixing Service Shut Down by Authorities for Laundering Over $200 Million

Authorities shut down leading cryptocurrency mixing service, for offering money laundering service. The mixing service allows attackers to mix the Bitcoins earned through ransom payments hundreds of smaller transactions and mixes different transactions...


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