Government Employee

Australian Government Employee Charged For Using Government Computers to Mine Cryptocurrency

A 33-year-old Australian Government employee was charged for abusing computer systems at his workplace to mine cryptocurrency for personal gain.
USB Devices

Beware !! USB Devices & Removable Media are Used to Inject Cryptocurrency Mining Malware

Cybercriminals are still using USB Devices & Removable Media to perform various malicious activities and spreading Cryptocurrency Mining malware in order the mine crypto...
Hackers Сovertly Mining Cryptocurrency on Government Websites in India

Hackers Сovertly Mining Cryptocurrency on Government Websites in India

Almost all government sites in India have been infected by malware that uses the power of visitors' computers to extract cryptographic material...
Cryptocurrency Hacks

The Biggest Cryptocurrency Hacks in History

Cryptocurrency Hacks - Cryptocurrencies have had an astronomical growth in the past couple of years. In 2017, the growth reached record levels....
Cryptocurrency Mixing

Cryptocurrency Mixing Service Shut Down by Authorities for Laundering Over $200 Million

Authorities shut down leading cryptocurrency mixing service, for offering money laundering service. The mixing service allows attackers to...


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