Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Akira Ransomware Attacking Airline Industry With Legitimate Tools

Airlines often become the target of hackers as they contain sensitive personal and financial details of passengers as well as travel schedules and loyalty...

Beware Of Weaponized EBooks That Deliver AsyncRAT

EBooks are popular, and their popularity lucrative threat actors the most, as they are widely shared digital assets that can easily circumvent security measures. Threat...

Chinese APT40 Is Ready To Exploit New Vulnerabilities Within Hours Of Release

Multiple international cybersecurity agencies jointly warn of a PRC state-sponsored cyber group, linked to the Ministry of State Security and known by various names...

Universal Code Execution Vulnerability In Browsers Puts Millions Of Users At Risk

Hackers remotely execute malicious code on a compromised device or server by exploiting the Universal Code Execution vulnerability.Through this vulnerability, threat actors can inject...

Ghostscript Rendering Platform Vulnerability Let Attackers Execute Remote Code

A critical vulnerability has been discovered in the Ghostscript rendering platform, identified as CVE-2024-29510.This flaw, a format string vulnerability, affects versions up to...

HCL Domino Vulnerability Let Attackers obtain Sensitive information

A critical security vulnerability has been discovered in HCL Domino, a popular enterprise server software, that could potentially expose sensitive configuration information to remote...

Turla Hackers Weaponizing LNK-Files To Deploy Fileless Malware

Hackers often weaponize LNK files because they can carry malware into systems undetected by anyone. LNK files are shortcuts that, when opened, launch a...

Hackers Abused Twilio API To Verify Phone Numbers used For MFA

An unauthenticated endpoint vulnerability allowed threat actors to identify phone numbers associated with Authy accounts, which was identified, and the endpoint has been secured...

Juniper SRX Vulnerability Allows Attackers Trigger DoS Condition

A vulnerability in Junos OS on SRX Series devices allows attackers to trigger a DoS attack by sending crafted valid traffic, which is caused...

Gogs Vulnerabilities Let Attackers Hack Instances & Steal Source Code

Gogs is a standard open-source code hosting system used by many developers.Several Gogs vulnerabilities have been discovered recently by the cybersecurity researchers at SonarSource. Gogs...

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