WhatsApp Spyware

Israel Firm Linked With WhatsApp Spyware Hack Faces Lawsuit

The Israel firm linked with WhatsApp Spyware Hack to face a lawsuit filed by human rights NGO Amnesty International. The vulnerability was patched by WhatsApp last week, but still, it is not clear how many users affected...
Hacking Techniques

8 Common Hacking Techniques & 3 Ways to Avoid Them All

Hackers come in many forms with sophisticated Hacking Techniques, While there has been a lot of discussion about online security in recent years, many people are still unfamiliar with the types of attacks they are most likely...
Top 10 Best Vulnerability Scanner For Penetration Testing – 2019

Top 10 Best Vulnerability Scanner For Penetration Testing – 2019

A vulnerability scanner is one of the essential tools in IT departments Since vulnerabilities pop up every day and thus leaving a loophole for the organization. Hackers are actively looking for these loopholes to use them...
Plead Malware

Hackers Distribute PLEAD Malware through Supply-chain and man-in-the-middle Attack

Security researchers a new malware campaign that delivers Plead malware by abusing legitimate software that developed by ASUS Cloud Corporation. The PLEAD malware found to be active since 2012, and the executables are signed...
Sim Hijacking

Team of Hackers Charged in U.S for “SIM Hijacking” Attack and Steal $2,400,000

A group of hackers from the cybercrime group known as “The Community” charged in the U.S for "Sim Hijacking" attack and commit wire fraud along with 3 former employees of mobile phone providers. ...


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