Friday, December 1, 2023

Yamaha Ransomware Attack: Employees Personal Information Exposed

A ransomware attack targeted Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., resulting in a partial disclosure of the personal information maintained by the company.Notably, a third party...
Massive Cyber Attack

20+ Companies Hacked in Massive Cyber Attack on Critical Infrastructure

In an alarming development, Denmark faced its most extensive cyber attack in May 2023, targeting crucial components of its energy infrastructure. A total of 22...
Exploits Vulnerabilities Dark Web

Hackers Selling Exploits for Critical Vulnerabilities on the Dark Web

Dark forums and Telegram channels have become great places for threat actors to sell critical vulnerabilities and exploits.These vulnerabilities and exploits were associated...

2FA _ Your Secret Weapon for Digital Defense

As we rely on the Internet for communication, business transactions, and various aspects of our daily lives, the need for robust digital security measures...

Imperial Kitten Attacking Tech Firms with SQLi & Scanning Tools

Researchers detected IMPERIAL KITTEN, an adversary with ties to Iran, conducting strategic web compromise (SWC) operations with a focus on transportation, logistics, and technology...

Iranian APT Hackers Attacking Education & Tech Sectors to Steal Sensitive Data

Cybersecurity researchers link attackers to the Iranian-backed APT group "Agonizing Serpens," which has upgraded its capabilities and uses various tools to bypass security measures.Hackers...

QNAP OS Command Injection Vulnerability Let Attackers Execute Malicious Commands

Two critical OS command injection flaws have been discovered in multiple QNAP products, which include QTS, Multimedia Console, Media Streaming add-on, QuTS Hero, and...

DarkGate, Which Abused Microsoft Teams, Now Leverages MSI Files

A new wave of cyberattacks has been discovered by Netskope Threat Labs, involving the use of SharePoint as a delivery platform for the notorious...

Top 3 Cyber Threats That Attack Banks in 2023 – Counter Them With Any.Run...

Bank robbers of today are nothing like their counterparts of the past. Modern-day Bonnie and Clyde operate remotely, carrying out their operations from hundreds...
Hackers Abuse Google Search Ads

Hackers Abuse Google Search Ads to Deploy Bonanza Malware

Cybercriminals are resorting to unscrupulous tactics to deploy Bonanza malware by exploiting Google Search Ads.The hackers are taking advantage of the search engine's...

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