Friday, May 17, 2024

ViperSoftX Malware Uses Deep Learning Model To Execute Commands

ViperSoftX malware, known for stealing cryptocurrency information, now leverages Tesseract, an open-source OCR engine, to target infected systems, which extracts text from images, and...

Russian APT Hackers Attacking Critical Infrastructure

Russia leverages a mix of state-backed Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups and financially motivated cybercriminals to achieve its strategic goals, as APT groups conduct...

QakBot Malware Exploiting Windows zero-Day To Gain System Privileges

In April 2024, security researchers revisited CVE-2023-36033, a Windows DWM Core Library elevation of privilege vulnerability that was previously discovered and exploited in the...

Hackers Abuse GoTo Meeting Tool to Deploy Remcos RAT

In a sophisticated cyberattack campaign, hackers are using the online meeting platform GoToMeeting to distribute a Remote Access Trojan known as Remcos.This alarming development...

DDoS Attack Size Increased by 233.33%, UDP-Based are Popular

The latest Nexusguard DDoS Trend Report for 2024 has unveiled a significant escalation in the size of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks throughout...

HijackLoader Malware Attack Windows Via Weaponized PNG Image

In a recent cybersecurity breakthrough, researchers have unveiled significant updates to the HijackLoader malware, a sophisticated modular loader notorious for delivering a variety of...
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Cyber Attack On Data Center Cooling Systems Leads To Disruption

Critical operational elements such as data storage, processing, backups, and recovery heavily rely on Australian industrial organizations' data centers.These facilities support various business functions,...

SocGholish Attacks Enterprises Via Fake Browser Updates

Enterprises are being targeted by the malware known as SocGholish through deceptive browser update prompts.This malware, notorious for its stealth and the complexity...

F5’s Next Central Manager Vulnerabilities Let Hackers Take Full Device Control Remotely

In a significant cybersecurity development, researchers have uncovered critical vulnerabilities in F5's Next Central Manager, which could potentially allow attackers to gain full administrative...

Polish Government Under Sophisticated Cyber Attack From APT28 Hacker Group

The Polish computer emergency response team has issued a warning about an ongoing cyberattack campaign by the notorious APT28 hacking group, also known...

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