Security Expo

2019 Israeli Security Expo Promises to Deliver Solutions to New-Age Threats

The 2019 International HLS & Cyber Expo is all set to be the largest cybersecurity conference and exhibition in Israel. Attracting global leaders from law enforcement, special forces, defense, and cybersecurity communities, this massive expo is sure to introduce...
Lazarus Hacking Group

Researchers Uncover How Lazarus Hacking Group Stole Millions of Dollars From ATMs

Lazarus Hacking Group is known for launching highly Sophisticated Cyber attacks targeting various sectors such as entertainment, financial services, defense, technology, and virtual currency industries, academia, and electric utilities. Their activities including the development of various malware that was used...
Linux machines

Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Targets Linux Machines Uses Rootkit to Hide From Monitoring Tools

A new cryptocurrency mining malware bundled with rootkit components targets Linux machines to mine cryptocurrency and hides from monitoring tools. Security researchers from Trend Micro discovered the cryptocurrency mining malware’s dubbed KORKERDS affecting the Linux systems. Researchers believe the malware was...
ColdFusion Server

APT Group Actively Exploiting Internet-facing Vulnerable ColdFusion Server and Uploading Webshell

A Chinese APT group actively exploiting the newly patched vulnerability in Adobe ColdFusion Server and uploading a China Chopper webshell. The attack was observed by Volexity, after two weeks Adobe released a security update. Attackers compromised numerous Internet accessible ColdFusion...

How To Stop Cyber Criminals to Spy & Track Your Smartphone

Many smartphone users are surprised when they get a pop up as soon as they leave a place asking them to rate their experience visiting that location. It could be a shop or a restaurant that you went to...


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