Apria Healthcare Hacked

Apria Healthcare Hacked – Over 2M Users Data Exposed

Apria HealthCare Inc. is a leading home medical equipment and clinical support provider. The company was founded in 1924 and had a net worth...
GuLoader via Google Drive

Fully Encrypted GuLoader Uses Google Drive to Download Payloads

Antivirus products continuously advance to combat evolving threats, prompting malware developers to create new bypassing techniques like "packing" and "crypting," GuLoader is a notable...
IT Guy Jailed ddos

Russian IT Guy Jailed for DDoSing Government Websites

According to reports from the FSB (Federal Security Service) Department’s Press Service in Rostov Region, Yevgeny Kotikov, an IT specialist, was sentenced to three...
ChatGPT to Deploy Malware

Hackers Using AI Tools Like ChatGPT to Deploy Malware

Malicious ad campaigns with themes connected to artificial intelligence (AI) tools like Midjourney and ChatGPT have been seen in Google's search engine, according to...

Reveal(x) – New Tool to Defend Against ChatGPT Data Leaks

ExtraHop released a new tool called "Reveal(x)" that helps organizations understand their potential risk exposure from employee use of OpenAI ChatGPT by providing visibility...
SIM Swapping Technique

Hackers Use SIM Swapping Technique to Gain Access to Microsoft Azure Machines

Researchers uncovered a financially motivated threat group known as 'UNC3944' which employs phishing and SIM-swapping techniques to seize control of Microsoft Azure admin accounts. Enabling...
Cisco Switch Vulnerabilities

Critical Cisco Switch Vulnerabilities Allow Remote Exploitation

The web-based user interface of some Cisco Small Business Series Switches contains multiple vulnerabilities, according to a warning from Cisco.Cisco lists four critical remote...
researchers Uncovered QakBot Malware

Researchers Uncovered Notorious QakBot Malware C2 Infrastructure

Tam Cymru researchers have recently revealed noteworthy patterns and irregularities from their continuous monitoring of QakBot's command and control infrastructure. The researchers shared high-level insights...
Cobalt Strike Modified to Attack macOS Users

Hackers Modified Cobalt Strike Capabilities to Attack macOS Users

Geacon, a Cobalt Strike implementation written in Golang, is likely to attract the attention of threat actors looking for vulnerable macOS devices.Threat actors have...
Lancefly APT Hackers

Lancefly APT Hackers Using Custom Backdoor to Attack Government Orgs

The cybersecurity researchers at Symantec Threat Labs recently discovered APT hacking group has been utilizing the specialized 'Merdoor' backdoor malware to conduct precise and...

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