Friday, April 12, 2024

Multiple Cisco Small Business Routers Vulnerable to XSS Attacks

Cisco has alerted its customers about a critical vulnerability affecting several Small Business RV Series Routers models.This vulnerability, CVE-2024-20362, poses a significant risk, allowing...
CoralRaider Hackers Steal Data

CoralRaider Hackers Steals Login Credentials, Financial Data & Social Media Logins

A new threat actor dubbed "CoralRaider" targets victims' financial information, login credentials, and social media profiles—including accounts for businesses and advertisements.The group, which is...

Winnti Hackers’ New UNAPIMON Tool Hijacks DLL And Unhook API Calls

Hackers commonly employ dynamic-link library (DLL) hijacking and unhooking of APIs to damage security measures and authorize harmful activities on breached systems.In this regard,...

Microsoft’s Exchange Server Hack: Key Rotation Flaw Triggers Breach

Storm-0558, a cyberespionage group affiliated with the People's Republic of China, has reportedly compromised Microsoft Exchange mailboxes of 22 organizations and over 500 individuals...

5 Major Phishing Campaigns in March 2024

March saw many notable phishing attacks, with criminals using new tactics and approaches to target unsuspecting victims.It is time to explore some of...

PandaBuy Data Breach: 1.3 Million Customers Data Leaked

PandaBuy, a popular online shopping platform, has been the victim of a significant data breach.This breach has resulted in the leak of personal...

Imperva Web Application Firewall Flaw Let Attackers Bypass WAF Rules

Imperva SecureSphere WAF, a security tool for on-premise web applications, has a vulnerability in some versions that allows attackers to bypass filters when inspecting...

Hackers Using Microsoft OneNote Files to Orchestrate Cyber Attacks

Hackers have been found leveraging Microsoft OneNote files as a vector to compromise systems across various industries.The campaign, under the radar of cybersecurity...

DinodasRAT Linux Malware Attack on Linux Servers to Gain Backdoor Access

DinodasRAT, also known as XDealer, is a sophisticated C++ backdoor targeting multiple operating systems. It is designed to enable attackers to monitor and extract...

Beware Of Weaponized Air Force invitation PDF Targeting Indian Defense And Energy Sectors

EclecticIQ cybersecurity researchers have uncovered a cyberespionage operation dubbed "Operation FlightNight" targeting Indian government entities and energy companies. The attackers, likely state-sponsored, leveraged a modified...

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