Web Hosting security

4 Most Important Security Features Your Web Hosting Provider Must Have to Know

Did you realize that a hack occurs every 39 seconds? One of the most common targets for cyber-criminals attempting to gain access...
U.S Government Website

Iranian Hackers Group Breached U.S Government Website & Posted a Revenge Messages

U.S government website agency website hacked by Iran cybersecurity group hackers and posted a revenge message for killing top military commander Qassem Suleimani....
Ex-Employee Sentenced 10 Months Jail for Hacking JET2 Flights Network

Ex-Employee Sentenced 10 Months Jail for Hacking JET2 Flights Network

A Former Jet2 employee sentenced a 10 month in Prison for carrying the cyber attack on the company network and take down their...
crypto-mining malware campaign

Hackers Use Process Hollowing Technique to Deploy Monero Miner and Evade Defenses

Researchers observed a new crypto-mining malware campaign that uses a process hollowing method and a dropper component to deploy Monero miner on...
Russian APT

Russian APT Hackers Group Attack Government & Military Network Using Weaponized Word Documents

Researchers discovered a new malicious activity that involved by Russian APT hackers to attack Government and Military officials in Ukrainian entities.


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