Fake Flash Updates

Fake Flash Updates pushing Malware to Inject XMRig Cryptocurrency Miners

Newly discovered fake flash updates malware pushing XMRing Cryptocurrency miners along with borrowing the original Adobe installer flash updater notification. Recent campaigns are pushing various malware...
ransomware attack

Ransomware Attack Delayed Printing of Major Newspapers

A ransomware attack delayed printing of multiple newspapaers across the U.S., the attack appears to be initiated outside of the United States.
What is DNS Attack and How Does it Works?

What is DNS Attack and How Does it Works?

DNS Attack is a type of cyber attack that exploits the weakness or vulnerability in Domain name system. Today, the internet has...
WhatsApp Spyware

Israel Firm Linked With WhatsApp Spyware Hack Faces Lawsuit

The Israel firm linked with WhatsApp Spyware Hack to face a lawsuit filed by human rights NGO Amnesty International. The vulnerability was...
Torii Tool

How Torii Helps IT Managers Stay on Top of Cybersecurity

Lack of proper SaaS management in your IT department can expose your organization to a number of potential security loopholes and endpoint...


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