Gas Stations Hacked

Gas Stations Hacked – CyberCriminals Stole Over 120,000 Litres of Fuel

French Authorities arrested five men hacking group who stole more than 120,000 Litres of fuels from French gas stations.

Most Difficult Security Challenges for CxO (Chief x Officers) During the Cyber Attack

New Technologies are evolving rapidly nowadays and cybercriminals also traveling, in the same way, to increase the cyber risk factor to the...

New PyLocky Ransomware Attack on Various Organization that Encrypt More than 100 File Extensions

Newly spreading PyLocky Ransomware widely targeting and attack various organization by evading the security solutions using its sophisticated attack functionality and its activities keep...
Shiny Hunters hacking

Shiny Hunters Hacking Group Selling 11 Companies Databases of over 73.2 Million User Records...

A hacker group dubbed Shiny Hunters started selling hacked databases that contain over 73.2 Million user records of 11 different companies over...
Web Hosting security

4 Most Important Security Features Your Web Hosting Provider Must Have to Know

Did you realize that a hack occurs every 39 seconds? One of the most common targets for cyber-criminals attempting to gain access...


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