banking malware

Organized Cybercrime – Hacker Groups Work Together To Distribute Banking Malware Globally

The banking malware considered a top threat, it allows a malware developer an easy way to gain access to someone and cause serious damage. According to the reports, the cybercrime costs more than $600...

GlitchPOS – Hackers Selling a New POS Malware On Dark Web Forums

Threat actors selling a new POS malware dubbed GlitchPOS aimed in exfiltrating the credit card numbers from Point-of-sale devices and retailers' websites. Most of the POS devices running with Windows or Unix, GlitchPOS malware targets the windows...
ATM Skimming Attack

ATM Skimming Attack – Scammers Hijack ATM’s built-in Security Camera to Steal User’s PIN

A new unique ATM Skimming attack that hijacks the ATM’s built-in security camera to steal the user’s PIN. Scammers place skimmer that includes a camera, over the built-in customer-facing security camera in ATM...

Hackers Spreading JCry Ransomware that Infecting Windows users via Compromised Websites

Cyber criminals spreading new ransomware called Jcry which is written in Go language via #OpJerusalem2019 campaign that attack Windows users to encrypt the file and demand the ransom. #OpJerusalem2019 is recently launched a...

Hackers Launching FlawedAmmyy Malware Via Undetected MS Excel Macros that Carried Powerful Backdoor

Threat actors from TA505 currently spreading powerful FlawedAmmyy RAT via weaponized MS Excel documents with malicious Excel 4.0 macro which is hard to detect by standard security controls. Observed FlawedAmmyy RAT sample is highly...


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