Monday, July 15, 2024
Europol Privacy Tech Lawful

Europol Concerns Over Privacy Enhancing Technologies Challenge Lawful Interception

A new position paper argues that Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET) used in Home Routing are making it difficult for law enforcement to intercept information...
Hacker Group Attacking Systems

New Hacker Group Attacking Systems With 10 Malware At Same Time

A malware campaign of huge magnitude, and perhaps run by just one group, is using artificially nested files for distribution named 'WEXTRACT.EXE     ...

Chinese Hacker Groups Using Off-The-Shelf Tools To Deploy Ransomware

Cyberespionage actors are increasingly using ransomware as a final attack stage for financial gain, disruption, or to cover their tracks, as the report details...

Beware Of Illegal OTT Platforms That Exposes Sensitive Personal Information

A recent rise in data breaches from illegal Chinese OTT platforms exposes that user information, including names and financial details, is vulnerable to exploitation...
Hackers Attacking Vaults Buckets & Secrets

Hackers Attacking Vaults, Buckets, And Secrets To Steal Data

Hackers target vaults, buckets, and secrets to access some of the most classified and valuable information, including API keys, logins, and other useful data...

New PhaaS Platform Lets Attackers Bypass Two-Factor Authentication

Several phishing campaign kits have been used widely by threat actors in the past. One popular PhaaS (Phishing-as-a-Platform) was Caffeine, which was first identified...

Smishing Triad Hackers Attacking Online Banking, E-Commerce AND Payment Systems Customers

Hackers often attack online banking platforms, e-commerce portals, and payment systems for illicit purposes.Resecurity researchers have recently revealed that the Smishing Triad group has...

Hackers Attacking Banking Customers Using Phishing-As-A-Service V3B Toolkit

A cybercriminal group is selling and distributing a sophisticated phishing kit called "V3B" through Phishing-as-a-Service (PhaaS) and self-hosting methods, which targets EU banking customers...

Ransomware Group Creation Touched Yearly All Time High

The ransomware landscape is rapidly diversifying in 2024, with a surge in new extortion groups as established attackers continue to target large companies.A...

Microsoft Warns Of Storm-0539’s Aggressive Gift Card Theft

Gift cards are attractive to hackers since they provide quick monetization for stolen data or compromised systems.Reselling gift cards is simple, and they can...

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