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FortiOS SSL-VPN Zero-day

FortiOS SSL-VPN Zero-day Flaw Exploited to Attack Government Organizations

There have been a number of attacks against government organizations and government-related targets using FortiOS SSL-VPN zero-day vulnerabilities patched by Fortinet last month that...
SymStealer Vulnerability

SymStealer Vulnerability Let Attacker Steal Login Credentials from Google Chrome

The SymStealer vulnerability CVE-2022-3656, newly disclosed by the Imperva Red Team, affects over 2.5 billion users of Google Chrome and Chromium-based browsers. Reports say...
Android Malware Financial Institutions

Spynote Android Malware Targeting Financial Institutions to Steal Sensitive Information

Since October 2022, a new version of Android malware known as SpyNote (aka SpyMax) has been targeting financial institutions as a means of stealing...
Outdated OpenSSL

Dell, HP, & Lenovo System Found Using Outdated OpenSSL Cryptographic Library

The cybersecurity researchers at Binarly recently discovered that outdated versions of the OpenSSL cryptographic library are still being used by the following companies on...
Malware Spotted on Google Play

Malware Spotted on the Google Play Store Steals Banking Credentials & Intercepts SMS Messages

The Zscaler ThreatLabz team found the ‘Xenomorph’ banking trojan embedded in a Lifestyle app in the Google Play store. The app's name is “Todo:...
JSSLoader RAT malware

Hackers Use XLL Files to Deliver Obfuscated Version of JSSLoader

Recently it has been observed that Morphisec Labs has witnessed a new wave of JSSLoader infections this year. JSSLoader activity has been tracked by...
QNAP Escalation Vulnerability

QNAP Escalation Vulnerability Let Attackers Gain Administrator Privileges and Inject Malicious Code

QNAP, the maker of network-attached storage (NAS) appliances, has recently released a warning statement that its products might be vulnerable to recent Linux vulnerabilities...
Domestic Kitten Hacking Group

Domestic Kitten – Extensive Surveillance Operation Against Iranian citizens

Researchers have studied and analyzed the workings of the hacking group Domestic Kitten. Domestic Kitten also goes by the name APT-50, and has been...
Cyber Monday Online Courses

Cyber Monday Deals: Grab 15 World’s Best Cyber Security Bundle Courses From “Ethical Hackers...

Cyber Monday Online Courses: Since cybercrimes are evolving day by day, organizations are looking for more cybersecurity professionals to defend sophisticated cyber attacks to...
Christmas Gift

Christmas Gift!! Grab World’s Best Cyber Security Bundle Courses From “Ethical Hackers Academy” with...

As a Christmas gift Grab, A lot more exciting offers are announced by Ethical Hackers Academy to enroll Cyber Security at the lowest price....

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