Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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300+ Times Downloaded Package from PyPI Contains Wiper Components

ReversingLabs researchers recently uncovered a malicious open-source package named xFileSyncerx on the Python Package Index (PyPI).This package, which had been downloaded nearly 300...

Citrix UberAgent Flaw Let Attackers Elevate Privileges

A significant vulnerability has been identified in Citrix's monitoring tool, uberAgent.If exploited, this flaw could allow attackers to escalate their privileges within the system,...

Apple Removes WhatsApp & Threads from its App Store for China

With the tightening grip of Chinese regulatory measures on foreign digital services, Apple Inc. has removed several major messaging apps, including WhatsApp and Threads...

Armis Acquires AI-based Vulnerability Detection Firm Silk Security

Armis, a leading cybersecurity company, has acquired Silk Security, an AI-powered vulnerability detection firm.The acquisition comes when organizations grapple with a surge of security...

Airbus to Acquire INFODAS to Strengthen its Cybersecurity Portfolio

Airbus Defence and Space plans to acquire INFODAS, a leading cybersecurity and IT solutions provider in Germany.This acquisition marks a step for Airbus...

Hackers Advertising FUD APK Crypter that Runs on all Android Devices

Cybersecurity experts have identified a new tool being promoted in the internet's darker corners.Dubbed the "FUD APK Crypter," this software claims to offer...

Hackers use Zoom & Google Meet Lures to Attack Android & Windows users

A threat actor has been identified as creating fraudulent Skype, Google Meet, and Zoom websites to distribute malware, explicitly targeting Android and Windows users....
Malware Developer Pleaded Guilty

Russian TrickBot Malware Developer Pleaded Guilty

Vladimir Dunaev, a resident of Amur Blast and aged 40, has confessed to creating and distributing Trickbot malware. The purpose of the malware was...

Akira Ransomware Exploiting Zero-day Flaws For Organization Network Access

The Akira ransomware group, which first appeared in March 2023, has been identified as a serious threat to data security. It encrypts data and...

Imperial Kitten Attacking Tech Firms with SQLi & Scanning Tools

Researchers detected IMPERIAL KITTEN, an adversary with ties to Iran, conducting strategic web compromise (SWC) operations with a focus on transportation, logistics, and technology...

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