Thursday, April 18, 2024

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Hackers use Zoom & Google Meet Lures to Attack Android & Windows users

A threat actor has been identified as creating fraudulent Skype, Google Meet, and Zoom websites to distribute malware, explicitly targeting Android and Windows users....
Malware Developer Pleaded Guilty

Russian TrickBot Malware Developer Pleaded Guilty

Vladimir Dunaev, a resident of Amur Blast and aged 40, has confessed to creating and distributing Trickbot malware. The purpose of the malware was...

Akira Ransomware Exploiting Zero-day Flaws For Organization Network Access

The Akira ransomware group, which first appeared in March 2023, has been identified as a serious threat to data security. It encrypts data and...

Imperial Kitten Attacking Tech Firms with SQLi & Scanning Tools

Researchers detected IMPERIAL KITTEN, an adversary with ties to Iran, conducting strategic web compromise (SWC) operations with a focus on transportation, logistics, and technology...
Cryptojacking Campaign Thesaurus

Cryptojacking Campaign Infected Online Thesaurus With Over 5 Million Visitors

Students, authors, and anybody else wishing to improve their vocabulary and language abilities frequently utilize Thesaurus, one of the well-known platforms with 5 million...

Poisoned Facebook Ads Deliver Malware Using Fake ChatGPT, Bard & Other AI Services

Cyber criminals have recently started using Facebook to pretend to be well-known generative AI brands like ChatGPT, Google Bard, Midjourney, and Jasper to steal users'...

Malware Spotted on the Google Play Store Steals Banking Credentials & Intercepts SMS Messages

The Zscaler ThreatLabz team found the ‘Xenomorph’ banking trojan embedded in a Lifestyle app in the Google Play store.The app's name is “Todo:...

Ferrari Website Flaw Exposes Their Database Credentials

Based on the recent report from char49, it appears that there was a critical flaw in Ferrari’s subdomain, which led to an arbitrary file...

Hackers Exploited Critical Microsoft Outlook Vulnerability To Gain Exchange Server Access

In response to a recent vulnerability identified in Outlook, Microsoft recently published a proper guide for its customers to help them discover the associated...

Beware: Malicious Apps On Apple & Google Play Push Users into Fake Investments

Threat actors have managed to get their hands on two shady applications that were uploaded to the app stores managed by both Google and...

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