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Twitter's Source Code Leaked

Parts of Twitter’s Source Code Leaked Online On GitHub

Recently, Twitter has acknowledged that some of its confidential source code has been exposed on the popular coding platform GitHub. To address this issue, Twitter...
Pwn2Own Vancouver

Hackers Earned $1,035,000 for Exploiting 27 Zero-Days at Pwn2Own Vancouver

After the finale of Pwn2Own Vancouver 2023, the Masters of Pwn, Synacktiv (@Synacktiv), received $1,035,000 (plus a car) for their amazing achievements and hard...
ChatGPT Exposes Email Address

ChatGPT Exposes Email Address of Other Users – Open-Source Bug

There were a number of users whose email addresses were exposed accidentally by ChatGPT's website recently. While OpenAI asserted that the cause was a...

Hackers Inject Weaponized JavaScript (JS) on 51,000 Websites

Researchers from Unit 42 have been monitoring a widespread campaign of harmful JavaScript (JS) injections. The campaign aims to redirect unsuspecting victims to dangerous...
Malicious ChatGPT Chrome Extension

Malicious ChatGPT Chrome Extension Steal Facebook Accounts

Thousands of Facebook accounts have been stolen due to a trojanized version of the legitimate ChatGPT extension for Google Chrome. The trojanized version of...
Lionsgate data breach

Streaming Platform Gaint Lionsgate Exposes Over 37m Users’ Data

Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation, doing business as Lionsgate, exposed users' IP addresses and data on the content they saw on its movie-streaming service.  According to...
Malicious Chrome Extensions

North Korean Hackers Attack Gmail Users With Malicious Chrome Extensions

In a collaborative effort, the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) and the National Intelligence Service of the Republic of...
Shell DDoS Malware

Shell DDoS Malware Attacks Poorly Managed Linux SSH Servers

The ShellBot threat has turned out to be a new type of malware designed to target Linux SSH servers poorly managed as part of...
90 Days SSL

Google to Reduce SSL Certificate Lifespan to 90 Days

Recently, Google declared its plan to reduce the maximum validity for public TLS (SSL) certificates from 398 to 90 days. Under its "Moving Forward, Together"...
55 Zero-days

Hackers Weaponized and Exploited Over 55 Zero-days in Microsoft, Google, and Apple

Mandiant researchers have recently reported that 55 zero-day vulnerabilities were actively exploited in 2022, most against the following brands and their products:- Microsoft Google Apple Researchers state that...

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