BootHole Vulnerability

BootHole Vulnerability Affects Millions of Windows and Linux Systems – Allows Attackers to Install...

Security researchers uncovered a new vulnerability dubbed “BootHole” present in the GRUB2 bootloader utilized by Windows and Linux systems.
Zoom Private Passwords

Zoom Flaw Let Hackers to Crack Private Meeting Passwords

A new Zoom Flaw allows hackers to crack the 6 digits numeric password that used to secure Zoom private meetings.
Google Security Features

Google adds New Security Features for Gmail, Meet and Chat – Additional Security Controls...

Google introduced new features for the G-Suite family of applications aimed to provide stronger security in Gmail, Meet, and Chat. The company...
Chinese APT Group

Chinese APT Group Attacks India and Hong Kong With New Variant of MgBot Malware...

Chinese state-sponsored hacking group targets India and Hong Kong with a unique phishing attack designed to convince the target.
Lazarus APT Group

Lazarus APT Group Uses Cross-platform Malware Framework to Launch Attack Against Corporate Entities

Lazarus APT group believed to be run by the North Korean government, the group know to be active since 2009. The group...


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