WSH Remote Access Tool

Hackers Delivering WSH Remote Access Tool (RAT) via Phishing Campaign to Attack Banking Customers

Researchers discovered a new wave of a phishing campaign that delivering a new variant of Houdini Worm named as WSH Remote access tool to attack commercial banking customers. Malware authors initially released this tool on...
XENOTIME Hacking Group

XENOTIME Hacking Group Expands its Target to the U.S. Electric Utility Sector

The infamous XENOTIME Hacking group expanded its target beyond oil and gas to the electric utility sector. XENOTIME threat actor group responsible for TRITON malware that is capable of causing physical damage and inadvertently shut down operations.
Attack Tools

Hackers Use Advanced Targeted Attack Tools to Compromise Machines Running Older Versions of Microsoft...

A new large scale cyber attack combines both the regular cybercrime and targeted attack tools to deliver cryptocurrency miners and ransomware. The campaign makes use of sophisticated hacking tools that previously used in targeted attacks.
CSRF attack

Cisco Patches Critical Vulnerability that allows Remote Attacker to Conduct CSRF Attack

Cisco patches a critical vulnerability in the web-based UI (web UI) of Cisco IOS XE Software that could cause allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to perform a CSRF attack on the vulnerable system. The...

Rowhammer based RAMBleed Attack Enables Hackers to Steal Data from Computer’s Physical Memory

RAMBleed is a new Rowhammerbased side-channel attack that enables an attacker to read out the physical memory associated with the other process. Academic researchers Andrew Kwong and Daniel Genkin from the University of Michigan,...


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