GPS spoofing Attack

GPS spoofing Attack that Trigger Fake turn-by-turn Navigation and Guide You to Ghost Location

GPS spoofing Attack allows an attacker to manipulate the road navigation systems by spoofing the GPS inputs. GPS systems used by billions of people...
500 iPhones

Bug in Apple Store Allowed more than 500 iPhones For Just 0.03 USD

A Taiwanese IT engineer named Chang Chi-yuan uncovered a bug in the Apple's payment system that allowed him to buy more than 500 iPhones...

Fin7 Cybercrime Group Hacked Burgerville and Stolen Payment Card Details

The US food chain Burgerville was the recent victim of the notorious Fin7 hacker group. The hackers placed malware on Burgerville’s network and collect...

Hackers Offering DDoS-for-Hire Service Powered by Bushido Botnet in Dark Web Markets

The trend of Cybercrime-as-a-Service continues to evolve in dark web forums, a new DDoS-for-Hire service spotted by FortiGuard Labs team that allows a novice...
Virtual machine escape

VMware Releases Security Updates To Fix Critical Vulnerability Discovered in GeekPwn2018 Event

VMware released security updates for critical Virtual machine escape vulnerability that allows a guest user to execute code if the vmxnet3 virtual network adapter...


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