New L0RDIX Multipurpose Hacking Tool Advertised in Dark Web Forums

Cybercriminals advertising L0rdix Multipurpose malware in dark web forums, designed to be a universal go-to tool for attackers. It developed aiming windows machine, it combines stealing, cryptocurrency mining techniques and stealthy methods to avoid malware scanning. ENSILO security researcher, Ben Hunter...
29 million Facebook users

Facebook Now Revealed Hackers Stolen 29 Million Facebook Users Personal Data

Facebook now says hackers accessed 29 million Facebook users data by the recent data breach and stolen users personal details such as Email and phone number and other data what compromised user had in their accounts. Facebook initially said Security...
Cosmos Bank

Cosmos Bank’s server Hacked: Hackers Stolen Around Rs 94 Crore On Two Separate Days

Hackers compromised the Cosmos Bank server and allegedly transferred over Rs 94 crore between August 11 and August 13. The Cosmos Bank is the oldest and second largest bank in India, it was established in 1906. According to the bank...
Radisson hotel group

Radisson Hotel Group Data Breach Exposed Customer’s Personal Data

Radisson hotel group suffered a data breach, unknown number of customer's personal details accessed by hackers. The intrusion was read by the company On October 1, 2018, and the company said the impacted clients will receive notification from Radisson Rewards...

Hacker Leaked Unpatched Virtual Box Zero-day Vulnerability and its Exploit Online

Russian Security Expert leaked a critical Virtual Box Zero-day vulnerability online along with its exploit that allows an attacker to gain root/administrator privileges in a guest and escape to a host. The vulnerability can be exploited from guest ring 3...


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