SpeakUp – A New Undetected Backdoor Exploiting Six Linux Distributions With Known Vulnerabilities

A new trojan dubbed SpeakUp exploiting six different Linux distributions with know vulnerabilities. The campaign primarily targeting East Asia and Latin America,...
More_eggs malware

Hackers Abusing LinkedIn’s Direct Messaging Service to Deliver More_eggs Malware via Fake Job Offers

A new malware campaign that impersonates as legitimate staffing companies abuse messaging services to deliver More_eggs malware. The...
Extensive Ransomware Attack

Extensive Ransomware Attack Hits Worldwide Operation at Aluminum Manufacturing Gaint Norsk Hydro

Extensive Ransomware Attack forced to shut down operations at, Norsk Hydro, one of the world’s largest aluminum producers. The company suffered production...

FileTSAR – All-in-one Free Forensic Toolkit for Law Enforcement Agencies

FileTSAR, a Free Forensic Toolkit that combines various open source forensic investigation tools used by law enforcement agencies. The...

Hackers Drop RevengeRAT Malware On Windows System Via Weaponized Word Document

New Malware attack campaign dubbed "Aggah" targeting various countries via weaponized Word documents and infect the victims by dropping the available RevengeRAT...


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