vSphere Data Protection

VMware Releases Critical Security Updates for Multiple Vulnerabilities

VMware releases critical security updates for vSphere Data Protection (VDP) that address a number of security vulnerabilities. The Vulnerability can be tracked as CVE-2018-11066,...
high impact Vulnerabilities

Facebook Increases Average Bounty rewards for High Impact Vulnerabilities

Facebook increases the average payout for security researchers to encourage them to find high impact Vulnerabilities. The researchers who find account takeover vulnerabilities that...

Amazon Suffered Data Breach – Customers Name & Email Addresses Exposed

Amazon revealed that it suffered a Data breach before the Black Friday and leaks customers names and Email address. The e-commerce giant sent a message to...

Two Young Hackers Jailed For Hacking TalkTalk that Costs £77million

Two young hackers jailed for their roles in a hack attack on TalkTalk which hit 157,000 accounts and costs £77million. Matthew Hanley, 23, who hacked...
brute-force attack

New Hacking Group Outlaw Distributing Botnet to Scan The Network & Perform Cryptocurrency-Mining &...

A new hacking group called Outlaw distributing powerful botnet in order to perform the network scanning crypto-mining operation, a brute-force attack on vulnerable systems. This new threat...


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