ColdFusion Server

APT Group Actively Exploiting Internet-facing Vulnerable ColdFusion Server and Uploading Webshell

A Chinese APT group actively exploiting the newly patched vulnerability in Adobe ColdFusion Server and uploading a China Chopper webshell. The attack was observed by...
DJI Drone Vulnerability

DJI Drone Can be Hacked using New Vulnerability To Steal Drone’s Flight logs, Photos...

A Critical DJI Drone Vulnerability allows attackers to compromise the DJI Drone account and access the sensitive information including Flight logs, photos, and videos if...
American Express

Nearly 700,000 Plaintext Records of American Express India Customers Personal Info Exposed Online

An American Express branch in India exposed millions of customers data online form an unprotected Mongo DB, which allows anyone to access and edit...

How To Stop Cyber Criminals to Spy & Track Your Smartphone

Many smartphone users are surprised when they get a pop up as soon as they leave a place asking them to rate their experience...
SIM Swapping Hacker Group

SIM Swapping Hacker Group Who Managed to Steal $80,000 Worth of Cryptocurrency Got Arrested

SIM Swapping Hacker Group who steals $80,000 worth of cryptocurrency got arrested by Turkish police. Eleven individuals were arrested in the question of tricking the...


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