Who and Why Make DDoS Attacks on The Site of Colleges and Universities ?

Sites of colleges and universities are constantly subject to DDOS attacks. But who does it? do students really need to drop sites?”
cardless ATM

Beware!! Cyber Criminals Stealing Cash From Cardless ATM Using SMS Phishing Attack

Malicious hackers stealing cash from cardless ATM using a new form of SMS  phishing attack that force let user give away their bank account...

Two Young Hackers Jailed For Hacking TalkTalk that Costs £77million

Two young hackers jailed for their roles in a hack attack on TalkTalk which hit 157,000 accounts and costs £77million. Matthew Hanley, 23, who hacked...

FBI and DHS issued Alert On Increase in SamSam Ransomware Attacks Targeted Multiple Industries

FBI and DHS issued a joint alert on how to handle the SamSam ransomware attacks that targeted multiple industries. The SamSam ransomware is highly active...
Phishing Campaigns

Phishing Campaigns Targeting Google and Yahoo Accounts To Bypassing Two-Factor Authentication

Several phishing campaigns targeting hundreds of individuals across the Middle East and North Africa. The attacker targers HRDs, journalists, political actors.


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