DNS Hijacking Attack

Ongoing DNS Hijacking Attack – NCSC Issued an Alert for Organizations and Provide Mitigation...

National cybersecurity center issued an alert for ongoing DNS hijacking attack, a large-scale global campaign that targets various countries around the world.

QualPwn – Vulnerabilities in Qualcomm chips Allows Attackers to Compromise Android Devices Remotely

QualPwn, critical vulnerabilities in Qualcomm chips, that allows attackers to compromise Android device remotely over-the-air. The flaw resides in the Qualcomm's Snapdragon...
iPhone's Passcode Bypassed

iPhone’s Passcode Can be Bypassed Through Brute-Force Attack Without Erasing Data

A new bug detected in iOS devices up-to-date iPhones and iPads shows that 4/6 digit PIN's can be bypassed with a brute force attack. The...
Romanian Woman

28-year-old Romanian Woman Pleads Guilty for Hacking 126 Computers Associated With Surveillance Cameras

A Romanian Woman Eveline Cismaru. 28, pled guilty to federal charges for illegally gaining access to more than 126 computers that connected to Surveillance...

IIS Web Servers Based Attacks Increased by 1.7 Million in Last Quarter of 2018

In the second quarter of 2018 IIS, Drupal, and Oracle WebLogic are highly targeted by attackers. IIS based attacks alone increased from two thousand...


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