Hacker Compromised Several IoT Botnet C2 Servers and Taken Control Over Due to Weak Credentials

Hacker Compromised Several IoT Botnet C2 Servers and Taken Control of It Due to...

A Hacker who goes by name Subby has compromised more than 29 IoT botnet command and control servers that were using weak...
Shade Ransomware

Shade Ransomware Attack Enterprise Networks through Weaponized PDF Files & Malspam Emails

Shade Ransomware emerged in late 2014; it includes malicious spam emails or exploits kits as their primary attack vectors. In a recent...
CSRF attack

Cisco Patches Critical Vulnerability that allows Remote Attacker to Conduct CSRF Attack

Cisco patches a critical vulnerability in the web-based UI (web UI) of Cisco IOS XE Software that could cause allow an unauthenticated,...
Huawei web application

Multiple Critical Vulnerabilities Affected Huawei’s Web Application that Allows Hackers To Execute Code

Security researchers from Swascan discovered critical multiple vulnerabilities in Huawei web application that could be exploited by Cybercriminals to access sensitive information.
Android Ransomware

Hackers Spreading Android Ransomware via SMS to your Contacts and Encrypt your Device Files

A new family of Android Ransomware dubbed Android/Filecoder.C distributed various online forums and further uses the victim's contact list to SMS with...


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