GPS spoofing Attack

GPS spoofing Attack that Trigger Fake turn-by-turn Navigation and Guide You to Ghost Location

GPS spoofing Attack allows an attacker to manipulate the road navigation systems by spoofing the GPS inputs. GPS systems used by billions of people...
Google Released Security Updates

Google Released Security Updates for More than 40 Android Security vulnerabilities

Google released security updates under Android security bulletin for more than 40 Android security vulnerabilities that affected Android devices. Security updates contain 2 patch level, the...
Brave browser

Brave Browser Integrate Tor Onion Routing to Enhance User Privacy While Browsing

The latest version of the Brave browser features the support of Tor with Private Tabs to enhance the user Privacy while Browsing. The functionality currently available...
SSH Service

Cryptocurrency-Mining Botnet Attack SSH Service Running IoT Devices

Newly discovered cryptocurrency mining bot targeting the Internet of Things (IoT) devices which contain SSH service and  IoT-related ports, including 22, 2222, and 502. Cryptocurrency-mining...
Gentoo Linux

Gentoo Linux GitHub Account Hacked, Attackers Modified Repositories

Hackers gained access to the GitHub Account of Gentoo Linux and embedded malicious code with ebuild repository that delete's all the user files. Gentoo is...


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