Adidas Suffering Potential Data Breach – Millions of Customer Data May have been Exposed

Adidas Announced potential data breach on their customer data and millions of U.S Customers data who shopped from its website possibly exposed. Thursday Adidas said possible security breach...

Marketing Firm Exactis Leaked 340 Million Americans Personal Sensitive Data Online

Marketing Firm Exactis suffering from Massive data Leak that exposed 340 Million Americans sensitive records Online which is estimated more the Equifax data breach...
two hackers

Two Young Hackers Who Compromised More than 700,000 Online Accounts was Arrested

Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs along with the help of Group-IB forensic specialists arrested the two hackers who compromised customer accounts of popular online...
WP3 Security Standard

WP3 Security Standard Released by Wi-Fi Alliance for Next-generation Wi-Fi Security

New WP3 Security Standard released by Wi-Fi Alliance that provides Next-generation Wi-Fi Security with new capabilities to enhance both personal and enterprise networks Initial announcement has been...
Tick Group

Tick APT Group Weaponize USB Drive to Spread Malware to Air-Gapped Critical Systems

Tick cyberespionage group weaponizing secure USB drive to Spread Malware to Air-Gapped Systems. The Tick group targets a specific USB drive that created by...


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