macOS Malware

LamePyre – macOS Malware That Takes Screenshots Repeatedly and Sends to Attacker

A new macOS malware disguised as a copy of Discord app takes screenshotsrepeatedly and sends to attackers command-and-control (C&C) server.  The Legitimate Discord that used by gamers to communicate with each other.  Malwarebytes researcher...

TA505 Cyber Threat Actors Installing Remote Monitoring Tool via Weaponized MS Word Document

Cyber Criminals from TA505 group started a new campaign that targeting retail, grocery, and restaurant chains by distributing weaponized MS word documents. TA505 group already had a record of distributing biggest threat campaign  Dridex and widely distributing Locky ransomware that affected...
Cape Cod Community

Hackers Steal Over $800,000 By Dropping a Malware On Cod Community College Computer Systems

The Cape Cod Community College suffered a massive cyber attack, the attackers steal college banking information and allegedly transfer $807,130 from College. The attack starts with a phishing email. Cyber Criminals currently targeting various colleges and universities around the worlds...

Hackers Using Formjacking Technique to Steal Credit Card Details from Payment Forms

A new Formjacking attack campaign targets leading shopping sites and steals customers payment cards and other information from checkout pages of e-commerce sites. Attackers inject malicious Javascript with formjacking script and those scripts steal payment information entered by users on...

DanaBot Banking Trojan Evolves Again – Steals Email Address From Victim’s Mailbox

DanaBot Banking Trojan came out with new features which harvest email addresses from the victim's mailbox and send out spam emails. This Trojan turned out to be the latest example for the malware which focused on stealing useful information rather...


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