voice messenger

Several Malicious Apps on Google Play Posing as Voice Messenger Steal User Personal Information

Malicious apps on Google play posing as a legitimate voice messenger pop-ups fake survey forms in user's devices and generate fraudulent ad clicks. Security researchers...
Twitter bug

Twitter Bug That Enables Third-party apps to get Unauthorized Access to User’s Direct Messages

Twitter fixed a bug that allows a third-party app to read the user message without user consent. The bug resides in the...
office 365 vulnerability

New Phishing Attack Taking Advantages of Vulnerability in Office 365 to Bypass all of...

Researchers discovered a new type of advance phishing attack that taking advantages of office 365 vulnerability to bypass all the Microsoft security...
Malicious VBA Macro

Malware Campaign -Distributing Ursnif Banking Malware Using Fileless Technique

Ursnif malware also known as Gozi ISFB, is a variant of the original Gozi banking Trojan, which leaked its source code online...

SpeakUp – A New Undetected Backdoor Exploiting Six Linux Distributions With Known Vulnerabilities

A new trojan dubbed SpeakUp exploiting six different Linux distributions with know vulnerabilities. The campaign primarily targeting East Asia and Latin America,...


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