BFSI Sector

BFSI Sector at the Forefront of Cyberattacks

In recent years, the BFSI Sector (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) has become a primary target for cyber attackers. A 2022 report by IBM revealed...
US Federal Agency Hacked

US Federal Agency Hacked By Exploiting Telerik Vulnerability in IIS Server

As a result of a joint effort of the CISA, FBI, and MS-ISAC, a public advisory was published recently. This public advisory claims that...

OpenAI Announces GPT-4, the Successor of ChatGPT

A powerful new AI model called GPT-4 has been released recently by OpenAI, which is capable of comprehending images and texts. The company describes...
Record Breaking DDoS Attack

Record Breaking DDoS Attack – 158.2 Million Packets Per Second

When a DDoS attack is conducted, the server being targeted receives a large number of garbage requests. As a result, the server's capacity is...

MQsTTang – Chinese Hackers Using Custom Malware To Evade AV Detection

In a recent analysis, MQsTTang, a newly designed custom backdoor, has been scrutinized by ESET researchers. After a thorough investigation, the source of this...

Underground Carding Marketplace BidenCash Leaked 2 Million Credit Cards

BidenCash, a new entrant in the underground carding business, has announced a 1-year anniversary promotion in which it is offering the data of 2...
R3NIN Sniffer Malware

R3NIN Sniffer Malware Stealing Credit Card Data from E-commerce Consumers

Credit card sniffers or online skimmers are a type of harmful software that cybercriminals often create using the JavaScript programming language.  Threat actors primarily use...
Zoho ManageEngine products

Hackers Weaponizing New Critical Flaw to Attack Zoho ManageEngine Products

Since January 20, 2023, there have been several instances where malicious entities have been observed exploiting a significant security vulnerability in various Zoho ManageEngine...
Google Play Store Privacy

Nearly 80% Of Google Play Store Apps ‘Violating Data Privacy Labels’ – Mozilla

According to a Mozilla analysis, the majority of the top apps' data privacy labels on the Google Play Store are false or deceptive. “Google Play...

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