Citrix Gateway

Hackers Scanning for Citrix Servers Vulnerable to Remote Code Execution

Researchers spotted active scans targeting Application Delivery Controller and Citrix Gateway to exploit Critical Vulnerability CVE-2019-19781. This vulnerability can...
Apache Guacamole

Critical Security Vulnerabilities Exposes Apache’s popular Remote Desktop Gateway for Hacking

Two critical security vulnerabilities found with Apache’s popular open-source remote desktop gateway Apache Guacamole. It supports all standard protocols like VNC, RDP,...
Coronavirus Tracker

Beware of Android Coronavirus Tracker app that Lock’s Your Device & Asks Ransom Payment

Cybercriminals using the Coronavirus outbreak to trick users into installing malicious corona virus-related apps. In the current panic, situation...
Google Security Features

Google adds New Security Features for Gmail, Meet and Chat – Additional Security Controls...

Google introduced new features for the G-Suite family of applications aimed to provide stronger security in Gmail, Meet, and Chat. The company...
Adware apps on Google Play

4 Malicious Adware apps Discovered on Google Play With More than 16,100,000 Installs

The adware programs will tend to serve unwanted advertisements on your mobile phone and computer. The adware can be included with some...


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